World Cup 2022: Ignore Germany at your peril

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Sports fans are preparing for a grandstand finish to the year thanks to World Cup 2022 from Qatar. The action begins on Sunday with four weeks of play ending with the final on Sunday, 20th December. The world’s 32 best teams descend on Qatar, hoping to cement their place in the history books.

But which team will take the trophy from the 2018 winners Russia? Perhaps an injury-hit Les Bleus have the skill and character to defend the prize won in Moscow four years ago. Brazil is the early betting favorite with all major sportsbooks. The Samba Boys has seen a little more action than France, with Argentina in third and England fourth.

Gambling laws across the US are changing, including sports betting in Florida. A growing number of states are moving to legalize online sportsbook betting. That’s sure to lead to a spike in World Cup wagers placed. You can have your say on the winner of the World Cup or one of the specials, such as the top goalscorer. Do it at a betting office, casino, or on your smartphone, thanks to online betting.

Germany impressed in qualifying

If you have yet to decide which team you will be supporting in Qatar this winter, time is running out. That’s why we’re here to offer our unique take on the World Cup, using stats, form, and the Vegas odds to predict which nation will celebrate Christmas a week early.

Germany cruised through qualifying, winning nine and losing one of their Group J matches. They scored 36 goals, conceding just four which left Germany with one of the most impressive goal difference tallies at that stage of the competition.

They did what was expected of them during World Cup qualifying. Still, their group wasn’t the strongest, with North Macedonia finishing in second place, ahead of Romania, Armenia, Iceland, and Lichtenstein. The biggest surprise of the groups was Germany’s one defeat, but they sailed through and secured their place in Qatar with time to spare.

European teams are expected to perform well in Qatar, with three Euro sides featured in the top five from the betting. Germany isn’t considered one of the major players by sportsbook traders, but their stats suggest the team deserves a little more respect. Win the World Cup final in December, and Germany will become this tournament’s most successful team, bypassing current leaders Brazil.

The luck of the draw

The draw for qualifying wasn’t difficult, and Germany enjoyed more luck when added to World Cup Group E alongside Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica. Topping the pool isn’t guaranteed, and a case could be made for any of the teams winning the pool. But Germany is the favorite to finish in the pole position, which is a wise call from traders.

If this pool goes the way the bookies expect it to, we’ll be treated to a shootout between Germany and Spain for the top spot and what should be an easier draw in the knockout rounds. The two former World Cup winners meeting at this early stage have the potential to be one of the best games from Qatar this winter.

Japan is a team that arrives confidently, and they’ll believe they have what it takes to make it through this group. Costa Rica has been written off, and that’s a fair assumption, but they do have the skills and fitness to cause the odd upset. Costa Rica won’t win the group, but they will have a say in which team does.

Available at great odds

Germany was impressive in qualifying and has been dropped into a winnable group in Qatar. They are also shooting for a place in the history books, passing Brazil as the World Cup’s most successful team. That will ensure they will give backers a run for their money.

One of the main attractions of backing Germany to win the World Cup 2022 is the odds offered by all major sportsbooks. The bookies have, rather surprisingly, written Germany off. You’ll find them down the pecking order as the sixth most likely winner. 

They deserve more respect, and for that reason, we expect Germany to be popular with bettors.

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