What Is A Can Seamer?

The can industry is a multibillion-dollar sector influencing people’s daily lives. Increasing volumes and variety of canned foods have become available over time.

The can seamers change the canning process resulting in explosive growth in the industry. The days of manual bending metal and soldering seams are over. This surge in output increased the usage of cans in the agriculture, construction, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries. There is still a need to learn about it if you are planning to buy one for your business. This article will teach you about can seamers, their functions, uses, and features.

What Exactly Is A Can Seamer?

During the packaging, a can seamer machine is used to seal a lid to a hermetically. Typically, the lid is composed of tin-plated steel. The can’s body may be composed of paper (as with whiskey cans), tin, aluminum, PET, plastic, or glass. Typically, the produced seam is leak-proof.

A can seamer machine may have a single or many seaming heads, with each head considered a different machine. The most popular machines feature four, six, or twelve leaders, with the number of heads growing with the speed of the machine for production lines with greater needs.

Moreover, seamers can be automated to speed the packing process, thereby enhancing production efficiency and reducing labor costs. In addition to these advantages, adding automated packing equipment to your production line offers further benefits.

What Are The Components Of A Can Seamer?

A can seamer machine consists of the following major components:

Number one Seamer Head (Chuck)

During double seaming, the seaming chuck of the machine holds the can tightly together with the seamer turntable on the opposite side. It safeguards the can against the pressure of the first and second seaming roller operations. Different chucks are required for different diameters.

 Seamer Record Player (Base Plate)

The seamer turntable, a spring-loaded disc that spins freely and supports the can body while it is being sealed, is also called the compression plate. It properly positions the can body and transmits the pressure from the spring to the chuck through the container. Additionally, the design of the base plate and the wholesale jam jars with lids will depend on the shape allowing for proper insertion.

Seaming Rollers

The can-sealing machines include two seaming rollers with concave profiles that facilitate the creation of double seams. Depending on the machine’s speed, it may contain one or more sets of seaming rollers.

The profile and position of the first seaming roller about the seaming head are crucial for producing a reliable double seam. The bulk of double seaming issues is caused by an improperly configured first seaming roller operation. On the other hand, the groove of the second seaming roller will resemble the shape of the final double seam.

How Do Can Seamers Operate?

Different parts of a can seamer are used to operate properly. Double seaming is utilized to function properly; a can sealer machine generates seams that guarantee the absence of product leakage. In three stages, the machine attaches the “end” or lid to the can body compression, first roller operation, and second roller operation. However, before the containers can be double-seamed, they must fill with product. Next, the compression step holds the can body against the seaming chuck, which contains the lid for later attachment. The seamer turntable raises the can to the chuck. Before double seaming, vacuum can seal machines remove oxygen from the container.

Double seaming hooks the lid and can body flanges together when the cover is on top. As mentioned later, two seaming roller operations interlock the fabric. Furthermore, the first roller operation affects the final double seam’s integrity. This operation involves steps like the first roller pushing the lid flange and turning it around the can body flange. While the first roller approaches the chuck, the can body flange follows. The lid and can body flanges are now linked. Hence, the seam is loose. Finally, The second seaming roller flattens the loose double seam from the first roller. Compression of the lid, like in the industrial butterfly valve, has interlocking flanges to ensure a leak-proof seal. The tin seaming machine applies a seaming compound to the double seam gaps. The seaming substance protects the packaged goods from leaks and impurities, completing the hermetic seal.

What Are The Quality Characteristics

The induction seaming machine is a non-contact equipment that instantly generates high heat using electromagnetic induction, melting the aluminum foil on the container mouth. This method is suited for seaming the majority of things to prevent contamination and efficiently safeguard the product, as well as avoid the accidents of spilling, squeezing, and overflowing.

High-efficiency and low-consumption modular power components are ideal for polyethylene and polypropylene containers with good heat-seaming performance and polyester bottles and glass bottles with poor heat-seaming performance. The frequency range is between 25 and 100 kHz, there is no danger to the human body, and the equipment is protected against overcurrent, overheating, and overload. The product is tiny and lightweight, simple to use, has a short bonding time, is fast, has strong adhesion, and has a steady performance, making it suited for small-batch manufacturing and laboratory applications.


Knowledge of the machine you are acquiring is essential to ensuring that you receive the most suitable machine for your application. In addition, it guarantees a problem-free production line. It reduces the likelihood of errors and operation costs, allowing you to produce potential income that will ultimately benefit your organization. Moreover, it is important that in can seaming and can filling machines, ensuring that you receive solutions that match your demands and robust and high-performing devices for your business.

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