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lexie spiranac

Lexie Spiranac is the sister of celebrity golfer Paige Spiranac. Lexie Spiranac is an athlete. Like her sister Peige Spiranac, Lexie Spiranac also chose sports as her career. Paige Spiranac is a professional golf player. Other than being a sports woman, she also runs a YouTube channel where she provides information related to golf and instructs her viewer. She has over 250000 YouTube followers and 3 million instagram followers. She is also very famous among sport’s persons and her fans for her mesmerizing sense of styling. Her breathtaking figure and amazing golf skill made her one of the most famous influencers in recent times. Keep on reading to know more about Lexie Spiranac and her sister Paige Spiranac.

Birth, Height, Weight, Age

Lexie Spiranac is the elder sister of Paige Spiranac. There is no specific birth date mentioned but since Peige was born on 26th March 1993, Lexie must be born a few years earlier. Lexie Spiranac is a hard working, attractive woman with a well toned body. She is as beautiful as her sister Peige Spiranac. Lexie has a lighter complexion with golden brown hair. Lexie is taller than Peige as per the photographs. Peiges is 5ft 6 inch tall and as such Lexie should be a few Inches taller than her. They have almost similar body counts. Lexie Spiranac must be under 60 kgs. Both the sisters are involved in sports and hence they are extremely health and fitness conscious.

Early Life

Lexie Spiranac was born in America. Her parents are of Croatian descent. Lexie’s father’s name is Dan Spiranac and her mother’s name is Annette Spiranac. Her father was a sports person. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Panther in 1976 for the National championship in the college football team. Lexie’s mother was a ballerina by profession. Lexie’s younger sister Paige Spiranac is an American popular golfer.Lexie and her sister  Paige were raised by their parents in Monument, colorado.


Lexie Spiranic is  an athlete. She is an athletic scholarship achiever in college while competing on the Stanford track team.  There is no official information about her career or achievements but she must be as  competitive and professional as her sister. Let’s discuss Lexie’s sister, peiges professional career. Paige spiranac was indulge in gymnastics while growing up in Monument, Colorado She wished to participate in olympics. She was so determined and skilled that she had been invited by Karolyi Ranch. She jumped from level 6 to Elites. But her gymnastics dream shattered  when she was just 12 years old. Her kneecaps broke twice as a result she shifted her aim from gymnast to golfer. Her incapability didn’t stop her from becoming successful, rather she showed the world that even though she had to give up on her early goal she didn’t lose her hopes. This is not the end of the story; she even faced bullying. She had to go through mistreatment because of a hair conditioner. In 2017 Peige became a cybersmile ambassador.

Sister Paige Spiranac

Lexie Spiranac’s achievement is her athletic scholarship. But her sister Paige Spiranac had made her name both in junior and college golf.This achievement made her one of the best top 20 junior golf players all around the world. She was also wast region player of the year for not only once but twice. Further She became one among the top 5 college recruits. She is a university of Arizona scholarship holder for golf.

In the year 2011-12 Paige played three events for the university of Arizona. In one of the events she scored her best, a 73 for the windy City intercollegiate,

After that for sophomore year she got shifted to San Diego State.  During the time span of 2012-14 she participated in many championships.  In 2015, Spiranac Spiranac won, finishing nine strokes under par for the University of Colorado Boulder which was hosted by Colorado golf association for the 109th Colorado women’s golf association match. There she played against the Brittany course.

Lexie Spiranac’s sister has not just marked her identity in golf World but also in the glomore world.She also became an ambassador for marketing a golf app named 18birdies. Her social media presence helped her in getting many endorsements and collaborations with reputed companies. She also signed many other contacts at that time for their promotion in TV ads and social media.

Peige Spiranac has a very influential social media presence. The talented lady has a huge fan base on social media sites. Her YouTube channel named “Paige Spiranac” has 270k subscribers. In 2020 she started a podcast show named Playing-A-Round with Paige Renee. She also has a fan following of more than 2 million on Instagram. Peige has also been backlashes in the name of sexualizing women’s golf. Her campaigning was not taken positively many times and her fight for women’s right was called just a show to hide her own flows. Despite all these her popularity and influence is still as perfect as her figure.


Lexie Spiranac is not married. Lexie doesn’t reveal any information about her relationship with anyone till now. As she has kept her personal life up to her and there is no confirmed news so it’s been safe to say that she is unmarried. In 2018 Lexie’s sister Paige Spiranac was in a marital relationship with Steven Tinoco. Later on an insta Q and A session she revealed that she is no longer married.

Net worth

Lexie Spiranac’ s net worth is unknown. Her sister, Peige’s net worth is estimated around $1 million. Her earning source is her social media accounts and various other endorsements.

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