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Sigmond Galloway Mahalia Jackson husband Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio, & Career ,Family,Education,Relationship

Sigmond Galloway Mahalia Jackson husband

Sigmond Galloway was a jazz singer. The man is popularly known for being the ex husband of Mahalia Jackson. Now if you are wondering who Mahalia Jackson was, then let us introduce her. She was a very popular gospel singer who belonged to America. Her skills as a gospel singer was so mesmerizing that she was considered one of the finest vocalists of her time. Sigmond Galloway being a jazz singer was mostly famous for being ex-husband of sensational vocalists Mahalia Jackson.

Bio, Height, Age, Nationality

Sigmond Galloway was born on 18th May 1922. His birth place was Alabama, United States. He was American by nationality and carried African-American ethnicity. His complexion was dark. Eye colour and hair colour both were black. Sigmond Galloway was a man of average height. As per the sources his Father’s name was Randolph Galloway but we don’t have any information about his mother or siblings. He got married to sensational Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in 1965. Unfortunately their marriage didn’t Last more than two years. The couple got divorced in 1967. Sigmond Galloway was the second husband of Mahalia Jackson. Her first marriage also didn’t last long. Sigmond Galloway was a professional jazz singer. He also got to know Mahalia Jackson due to their interest in music. Sigmond died at the age of 50. He died on 18th May 1972 in Gary, Lake, Indiana, US.


Sigmond Galloway was a jazz singer by profession. Sigmond lived the initial years of his life in Alabama, United States.  Once he shifted to Gary Lake,Indiana , he started career as a singer. Before that he was into the business of construction.

Relationship and Marriage

Sigmong Galloway had got much recognition for being in a relationship with Mahalia Jackson.  The couple married soon after they got to know each other. They both were from music backgrounds thus it helped them to get close to one another . She was so popular among her fans that even today people don’t fail to praise her talent. The couple enjoyed being together for a couple of years and then Life happened. Even though it wasn’t expected that they would get separated since their marriage was quite unexpected by their family and friends. They got married in 1965. The couple don’t have any children together. Mahalia Jackson was in a bad health condition in the initial years of their marriage. She was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and also survived a heart attack. This might be a reason that they didn’t get much time to spend together. As the distance between them kept on growing violent, they finally decided to get divorced. The couple ended their marriage in 1967.

Even though the couple got divorced, their love story was quite fascinating.  When Sigmond Galloway was living in Gary, Indiana, he got to meet Mahalia Jackson Through common friends.  Mahalia was in huge demand at that time. She was always busy performing here and there. Even though she was always busy and full of work. A part of her was lonesome. Her first marriage was devastating and left her lonely. Singmind’s carrying Nature attracted her. Whenever they got spare time, they would love to spend time together. The lovers are unexpectedly tied into a marriage relationship in Mahalis living room. It sounds surprising right? Yes it was also surprising and shocking at the same time for their family and friends. The love and care that they shared gave hope that Mahalia’s second marriage would bring some sweetness in her bitter life. But nothing happened as expected. Her second marriage was more disturbing than the first one. And in this way  Sigmond’s and Mahali’s path got separated.

Sigmond Galloway’s  ex-wife Mahalia Jackson

Sigmond Galloway’s ex-wife Mahalia Jackson was one of the finest vocalists of 20s century. She was a renoud Gospel singer. Mahalia Jackson was born on 26 October 1911, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Mahalia Jackson Parents were Charity Jackson, John A. Jackson, Sr. Being a gospel singer she chose to use her gift of singing in praising God. She was the one who initiated the spread of gospel blues to the entire United States in Black churches. In those years Americans were indulge in racial disputes. So Mahalia along with her music band tried her best to spread racial harmony among the people. She had devoted her entire life to helping the helpless. Her generosity along with unbeatable singing skills made her what she was and always will be.

Through Mahalia Jackson her entire life  always tried to give love to others but in return she didn’t get any. Mahalia’s two marriages were short-lived. At first Mahalia Jackson married Isaac “Ike” Hockenhull, in 1935. He was a chemist by profession. After some time of their married life the couple started facing financial drawbacks. By that time lke already lost his job and started looking for Mahalia to take care of their monetary needs. Ike pressured Mahalia to audition for ‘The Swing Mikado’ a jazz retelling. She even agreed and worked for them for some time but never enjoyed it. The situation started getting worse and finally they got separated in 1967.

Mahalia’s second marriage with sigmond Galloway also didn’t Last for long. Her bad health and continuous treatment made her a different person. It was never the same between them. In Fact Sigmond Galloway tried to physically hurt Mahalia. At the end they also ended up getting divorced.

Even after all these traumatic events Mahalia never gave up on her dreams and devoted her talent in developing racial harmony and love among people of the US. Mahalia Jackson died on January 27, 1972, Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States.

Net worth

Sigmond Galloway’snet worth is still unknown. His source of income was as a musician. His ex-wife Mahalia Jackson’ s net worth was 1billion dollars at that time.

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