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Claudio Carlos Basso Bio, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight,Early Life,Career

Claudia Carlos
NameClaudia Carlos
Full NameClaudia Carlos Basso
Claudia Carlos’s ProfessionPhotographer

World-renowned Italian photographer Claudio Carlos Basso is a man of interest , and fans of photography are unlikely to have heard of Claudio Carlos Basso and have not seen his masterpieces of photography because it is his own . Claudio Carlos Basso is one of the most famous photographers in the world and also a performing arts .

Early life of Claudio Carlos Basso :

Claudia Carlos’s date of birth28 November , 1959
Birth placeParis / France
Claudia Carlos’s spend childhoodIn Italy
Claudia Carlos’sNationalityFranci
Claudia Carlos’s currently age 202263
Claudia Carlos’s ProfessionPhotographer

Claudio Carlos Basso was born in France on Sunday 28  , November 1959 and is now 63 years old in 2022 as he was born in Paris / France but in terms of ethnicity . He is counted as a resident of France because of his birth . After his parents moved from France to Argentina and then from Argentina to Italy , Claudio Carlos Basso spent all his childhood in the small Italian town of Portomino , where he became interested in photography . She was fascinated by the information culture because of her love of photography .

Claudio carlos basso Personal Information :

Father’s Claudia Carlos BassoCarlos Basso
Mother’s Claudia Carlos BassoMaria Teresa Basso
Former Partner’s  Claudia Carlos BassoMonica Bellucci
Wedding date of Claudia Carlos BassoJanuary , 1990  
Marital life time4years
Divorce date if Claudia Carlos Basso1994
Former Father – in – law ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoPasquale Bellucci
Former Mother – in – law ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoBrunella Bellucci
Currently Partnet ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoSheri Basso
Sister ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoAlessandra Basso

Claudio Carlos Basu is also known as Monica Balochi’s ex-husband and is also remembered by the name Lady Monica’s ex-husband . Who is an actress and likes this lady because of her attractive body . She is an Italian model and actress with a total value of 45 million . As the only one child of her parents , she started her modeling career at the age of 13 and is the ex-wife of Claudio Carlos Baso Belongs to citta di castillo .

Claudio Carlos Basso married Monica Balochi in the mid – 1990 ‘s . In addition , we should pay close attention to the fact that after a year of dating , a relationship was established with Monica Balochi in January 1990. Despite the fact that no significant information has been obtained about the date of dating , they have been happily married for four years and will be separated in 1994.

Claudio Carlos Baso later married for the second time and had children with his second wife , but is still known as the ex-husband of megastar Monica Balochi .

Claudia Carlos Basso ‘s Body state :

Height ‘s Claudia Carlos Basso5 feet , 10 inch
Weight ‘s Claudia Carlos Basso72 kg
Eyes color ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoBrown
Hair color ‘s Claudia Carlos BassoBrown

A tall man with a height of 5 feet 10 inches and who looks like a boy at the moment . Has  short hair and a little belly fat in his body . Known as a friendly , vacillating , and peaceful , it is also a problem and it is true that he smokes .

Early Career :

Part of a team of photographersAt age 21
World renownedItalian photographer
Claudio Carlos Baso’s journey with his parentsParis, Argentina, Iris and then Italy
Pictures on magazinesA star , Being the Flow and A Baby

Born in Paris in 1959, Claudio Carlos Baso is well – known . In the world of graphic designers for his intelligence and good looks . Iris and finally the young children took Claudio Carlos Baso with them to Italy .

He is also known as a conspiratorial man who is a world famous Italian photographer . He is a very famous photographer . People who are interested in photography must have heard his name . Claudio Carlos Baso embarked on the journey of photography at the tender age of 14. Claudio Carlos Basu , through his mother , mastered the Russian duplicate of the Rolleiflex 1/4 camera at his 14th birthday party .

This man is not one to settle down . Claudio Carlos Basso paid a small stipend for a few years as an assistant . He went to Milan to satisfy his hunger for photography and got a job here It was a pleasure to think of a love seat in the studio in between .

He then had a great opportunity when he was 21 years old . He was overjoyed when he was taken by Alberto Node, the world famous director of Italian Vogue , along with many of his other talented photographers as Claudio Carlos Baso . As an experienced photographer and artist , he gained worldwide popularity. Claudio Carlos Baso photographed himself on the status and pages of many rumored magazines , including A Star , Being the Flow , and A Baby . Under being the flow , they can change the way we see the world .

Award winning photographer:

Now in 2016 he is moving fast. The award winning photographer traveled all over the world and did his job very skillfully as he was accustomed to succeed in different places from the very beginning. Due to her high skills she has been successful in the fashion industry in Paris, Italy, New York and many other important places. She is currently based in Westport. In addition to her apparently photographic work, the artist-portrait photographer (March 2009), the current founder of Dundee renovance, the chief photographer (2005-2009), the fashion-ad-hoteral and the commercial photographer (2005-1985) and the film director ( 1991) and (2001) DOP is impressively fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

And it is not only multidimensional but also multidimensional. It is also good with computer technology including round analytics and photography software.


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