The legendary Brazil men’s national volleyball team

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When talking about Brazilian sports, this country has what arguably can be considered as the best football national team. Speaking about football, cricket and other sports, it is possible to visit to wager on dozens of cricket matches.

But football is not the only sport where this nation has seen some incredible success. This is because Brazilian volleyball is also highly competitive. The male and female national squads have won tons of titles, also putting them among the best in the world. The 1xBet website also features all matches contested by Brazilian volleyball teams.

Beginnings of a golden era

Speaking about the Brazilian men’s national team, it started to really take-off in the early 21st century. The team finished sixth in the 2000 Summer Olympics. This result was quite disappointing for everybody related to the sport in this nation. The online betting sites can also be used by all punters who wish to wager on Olympic volleyball matches.

Some serious changes were needed after the result in Sydney 2000. The most important of them was the appointment of Bernardo Rezende as head coach in 2001. He was the coach of the female national team at that moment, and made it one of the world’s best. It was thought that he was the person needed by the male team in order to obtain similar success. The 1xBet online betting sites also feature all matches of both the women’s and men’s Brazilian national volleyball squads.

The team immediately won some major titles in 2002, some examples were:

  • the World League;
  • the America’s Cup;
  • and the South American Championship.

Such successes for the team in a single calendar year was virtually unthinkable only a few years prior.

Success continues

Rozende continued winning basically every possible title with the Brazilian national squad. You can now visit 1xBet online volleyball betting – bet on live volleyball online on all tournaments where Brazil participates.

For example, they won two Olympic gold medals, which were obtained in 2004 and 2016. Also, in 2008 and 2012 the team obtained silver medals, which was not bad either. Also, in 2006 and 2010 the team won gold medals in the World Championships of those years. They also secured a silver medal in 2014. You can bet on live volleyball online through the online volleyball betting section of the 1xBet bookmaker, where all Brazil’s matches are available.

The spell of Bernardo Rezende with the Brazilian national team is their most successful ever. It ended in 2017. However, the team has also continued to win tons of competitions even after him, keeping their place as one of the world’s most powerful volleyball squads.

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