The Ultimate Guide to Student Accommodation in Melbourne: Finding Your Perfect Home

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Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture and diverse student population. It is one of the top study destinations worldwide. The city teems with universities and educational institutions, attracting many local and international students each year. The first challenge these students face is finding the perfect student accommodation. This guide aims to alleviate this burden and navigate the landscape of student accommodation in the city.

Understanding the Landscape

Suburban Charm vs City Buzz

Melbourne’s suburban areas provide serene environments perfect for studying, often surrounded by parks and recreational spaces. On the other hand, the city centre hosts a vibrant, bustling atmosphere filled with cafés, shops, and cultural venues. Deciding between the two depends largely on personal preferences and the desired study environment.

Shared Accommodation vs Private Living

Students can choose between shared and private accommodations. Shared living spaces offer the benefit of camaraderie and shared responsibilities, while private accommodations provide solitude and personal space. Weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider

Proximity to Institution

Consider the distance and ease of commute to the educational institution. Look at the local public transport system, how frequently it runs, and if it connects conveniently to your place of study. Living too far from the institution could lead to unnecessary time spent commuting.


The availability of local amenities such as supermarkets, medical facilities, libraries, and entertainment spots is also essential. These are aspects of day-to-day life that contribute significantly to comfort and convenience.


Perhaps the most important factor is the budget. Melbourne can be an expensive city, and accommodation costs vary greatly. Ensure to balance the cost with the facilities provided. It might be tempting to opt for a cheaper place, but it may not provide the necessary amenities or a conducive environment for studying.

Preparing for the Search

Start Early

Start looking for accommodation well before the semester starts. Leaving this task for the last minute can lead to rushed decisions and potentially unsatisfactory living conditions.

Utilise University Resources

Most universities provide assistance with accommodation, including lists of verified landlords and housing options. Take advantage of these resources to get a head start in the search.

Research and Visit

Researching online is a great starting point. However, if possible, try to visit potential accommodations in person. Seeing a place first-hand can provide insight that photos and descriptions online might miss.

Private Student Accommodations in Melbourne

Melbourne offers a vibrant and diverse range of private student accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and convenient living experience. Accommodation such as Iglu in Melbourne cater specifically to students, providing well-designed and modern living spaces with essential amenities. With various options available, students can choose facilities like study areas, fitness centres, and social lounges. Located in prime areas, these accommodations offer proximity to universities, public transport, and bustling city life, making Melbourne an ideal choice for students seeking quality housing during their educational journey.

Living in Melbourne

Once settled, it’s important to enjoy everything Melbourne has to offer. It’s a city known for its friendly residents, diverse food scene, iconic laneways, sports events, and thriving arts culture. Student life in the city is vibrant and diverse, making it an enriching experience beyond just academics.

Signing Off

Finding the right student accommodation can be a challenging but exciting process. It’s about more than just finding a place to sleep—it’s about finding a home for the next important phase of life. With careful thought, thorough research, and early planning, securing the perfect home away from home in Melbourne becomes achievable. This guide has hopefully armed with the necessary information and tips to begin the journey towards finding the perfect student accommodation in the city. Happy house hunting!

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