Popular NFT Artists You Should Know


Virtual reality is forever. Thanks to the internet, we can now buy and sell anything from anywhere in the world. Any artwork and memorabilia go from city to city and country to country, which makes companies like NFT and their stable of artists grow in value.

Scalable pricing and transactions make investing in goods through NFT a breeze, and you can find these artists on almost any card. If you’re interested in collecting NFT goods, you’ll have to know who the popular NFT artists are.

We have a small guide to give you a better understanding of who they are, so you can better identify them and their work. Keep on reading!


Beeple is a popular NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artist who creates digital art in the form of limited edition artwork. His work has been featured in art galleries worldwide, including the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

His trademark art often includes scenes from multiple immersive aspects, featuring Japanese anime, video game-inspired worlds, and dynamic 3D-animated landscapes. He has a worldwide dedicated fan base that loves investing in his work. 


Krista Caren is a collagist and digital artist who has released a series of NFT art under the XCopy label using found imagery and digital techniques. Seth Scriver is a graffiti artist and illustrator who creates highly textured digital canvasses, often including interactive elements like animation and audio.

Martin Mihalyi is a sculptural artist and designer whose works can be found in both the physical and virtual worlds. He is famed for pioneering the use of augmented and virtual reality within this sphere. All these artists are key figures in the NFT market, and they have made XCopy a leader in Crypto Art.

Siraj Hassan

His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world. Born in Abu Dhabi, Siraj has been passionate about art since he was young. He has a unique talent for creating imaginative and captivating art using various digital tools, such as 3D rendering, animation, and illustration.

He is also an advocate for the use of NFTs as a form of digital asset protection. His artwork is mainly inspired by technology and current trends in the art world. He is a sought-after artist and the creator of many highly sought-after digital assets.

Sneha Chakraborty

She is also the first Indian female artist to experiment with and create Non-Fungible Tokens. Her art uses diverse techniques, including animation, abstract expressionism, and comic art. Her pieces feature simple, bright colors and exaggerated characters.

Her artwork typically focuses on identity, joy, playfulness, and nature. Many of her NFTs have become incredibly popular, selling hundreds of copies.


His works are well-known for their abstract, minimalist style and vital message. He often uses colorful, vivid shapes to explore themes of love, passion, and joy – and to challenge the idea that technology can only be cold and impersonal.

Tylerxhobbs has created works for notable companies such as Vogue Australia and Slack and is often employed by leading NFT platforms to contribute art pieces.

Understanding the Popular NFT Artists

Many talented and innovative crypto artists continue to push the boundaries of digital art. With the ever-evolving market of NFTs, the top NFT artists have gained worldwide recognition. Whether you’re an avid collector or just beginning to dip your toe in the crypto art pool, these artists are the ones to watch. 

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