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Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth, Family, Early Life, Career, Relationship, Education

To start with, Marshall Trenkmann is a banker who works in America. Better known as the Karla Souza’s husband, this banker was born and raised in Texas. Since he has worked in a number of companies in different countries within the United States, we shall take a closer look at his biography so that you can know more details about him.

Net Worth

Currently, Marshall Trenkmann is deemed to have a network of $5-7 million or thereabout.If this net worth is anything to go by, then it is crystal clear that he is both a successful business person and banker.

After all, he has worked in an array of eminent financial organizations within the United States.Therefore,he must have earned a colossal amount of money over the years. Further,he is a board member of a major American theatre group and also is the Credit Risk Director of JP Morgan. With this vast experience in financial sectors, he is bound to wealthy.


Very little is known about Marshall Trenkmann as he does not like sharing his personal life with media.Therefore,no one clearly knows whether he has a brother, sister or even parents.

Age, birthday, Height, weight

Marshall Trenkmann’s age is still not known. This can be attributed to the fact that this astute businessman likes maintaining a low profile even in public. As a result no one knows his actual age, weight or even date of birth.However,he is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and is a Christian.

Early Life

Unlike other reputable American bankers, Marshalldislikes being in the limelight. As a result, he has never disclosed any childhood information to the media.However,he was born in Texas and grew in that country as well.Unfortunately,information about his parents and siblings is still scanty.


Once he graduated from Texas A&M University, he started to look for what he can do to better his life. After relocating to Mexico, he was able to land a job at CIB LATAM,which is basically one of the most prestigious institutions that operate in Mexico.Unlike other conventional financial institutions,this one is known to offer a myriad of financial services to locals who live in Mexico.

Over time,he was able to climb the career ladder and became CIB LATAM credit team leader and mainly paid attention to corporations that operate in Mexico.As far as that position is concerned, it is imperative to note that he held it for a period of 2½ years.

During this period, he was able to make the organization more successful as he was able to oversee a plethora of breakthroughs for it.Additionally,it was during this period that he came across his wife-to-be,Karla Souza.

After working for CIB LATAM for 2 and half years,he left Mexico and returned to the United States and got another job in Texas.Here,he started working with CIB Oil and Gas credit team that is based in Houston.Since he has vast experience in team leadership,he was able to have an easy time handling managing his subjects in the new workplace.

It is important to note that Marshall Trenkmann in CIB Oil and Gas credit team for a period of 8 years.Thereafter,he left that organization and headed to Los Angeles and got employed by JPMorgan Chase.

According to sources,he joined this company in 2004 and has been working there since then.As we speak,he works as a Credit Risk Director at JP Morgan and has had a wide range of achievements since his new job commenced.Moreover, he is currently managing the CCB West Diversified Portfolio in Los Angeles.This can be attributed to the extensive experience he has gathered over the years.

Besides being in the financial and investment arena, Marshall Trenkmann has had special interest in the American theatre scene. This can be accredited to the fact that his wife is very influential in the entertainment industry. To put this into perspective,his wife is a famous actress and has been on stage for many years.

Since he met his wife, his interest in theatre has increased significantly.Currently, he works as one of the main board members of the Centre Theatre Group after joining it in 2016.Center Theater Group is a non-profit art organization that is based in Los Angeles.

In fact, thisorganization is one of the largest threatre company that operate in California.In the coming years Marshall Trenkmann might eventually venture into production as his wife has plans of creating a film that is based on a story that both of them love.


Marshall Trenkmann met his wife Karla Souza while he was working at CIB LATAM.Both of them fell in love and dated for a number of years.They later got engaged to each other in 2013.In fact,Marshall purchased a custom-made diamond ring and proposed to his wife.

They were engaged for one year and later got married on 19th April 2014.The wedding took place at Hacienda Vista Hermosa,Tequesquitengo,Mexico.Unlike other weddings, this one was a private ceremony as only their family members and close friends were invited.

Thereafter, Karla shared their wedding photos on her social media accounts.Currently, Marshall Trenkmann and his wife has been married for a period of 9 years and have had great moments together. They have been blessed with 2 children. The first born is known as Gianna Trenkmann and was born on April 19th 2018 and the second one is


Once Marshall Trenkmann completed his High School studies, he was enrolled at Texas and A&M University, where he pursued Bachelor of Arts degree.Thereafter,he went ahead to pursue Masters of Arts degree,alongside his career.In fact,he was a student of Spanish language and Latin American studies.

Social media

Surprisingly,this businessman is not on any social media platform.He has preferred to keep his life private.In fact,you can only get to see him on a social media platform such as Facebook once his wife shares his photos online.

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