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Where Has Joe Scarborough Gone? Is He ill? Illness Update & Mika’s Wife

Many fans are asking where is Joe Scarborough? His absence is raising many questions and today fans want to know what happened to him because he is missing several shows. The Morning Joe show has been without him for days. This is becoming a huge concern to many fans.

Early life of Joe Scarborough?

Joe was born in Atlanta on 9th April, 1963 to Francis Scarborough and Mary Joanna in a family of four siblings. He lived in Elmira, New York with his parents in 1975 before relocating to Pensacola where he joined Pensacola Catholic High School and graduated with a diploma.

Joe later attended University of Alabama  where he graduated with  a B.A degree in History in 1985. Later on he enrolled for law school in the University of Florida. Joe passed the Florida bar in 1990 and began his carrier as an attorney handling some  high-profile cases  which gave him recognition.

Who is Joe Scarborough?

For those people who don’t know him, Joe Scarborough is a popular television personality  best known for hosting “Morning Joe” that airs in MSBC.

He hosts the show together with his wife Mika Brzezinski. Professionally, he is  an attorney and a political analyst.

Joe Scarborough joined the Congress party and started his political journey in 1994 by winning the Republican Party  primary  and became a congressman in the elections. Mr. Scarborough is also a former congressman serving in the house of representatives under Congress Party.

He served in the education, justice, defence, and government reform committees. He was among new republicans calling themselves “New Federalists” and championed for massive budget cuts and a move to merge or move the departments of Energy, Commerce, Education, Housing and Urban developments. Their aim is to take away authority and power away from Washington including money and put it in classrooms.

In 2001, he resigned from his Congress party and embarked on a new career as a journalist, but he had established his on Independent News (formerly The Florida Sun) in 1999. The move slowly led him to his popular MSBC show “ Morning Joe.”

Where is Joe Today?

Currently, Joe Scarborough is enjoying  personal vacation in New York. He has been missing in the TV show for some time which made fans worried. It’s believed that his wife Mika’s past advise prompted the celebrated show host to take time off work and recuperate.

However, his wife Mika Brzezinski is tight lipped on the true cause, but she did say that she suggested to Joe to take a break and he did. 

She elaborated that Joe Scarborough may come back to the TV show or not which is not good news at all to his fans if he doesn’t come back to the show. Mika stated that her husband Joe has been advocating, analyzing and prognosticating for 13 years hence the need to take a break.

Is Joe Scarborough suffering healthwise? What is the update on his health?

 Mr. Joe Scarborough and wife Mika Brzezinski are tight lipped on their health, so it’s difficult to tell whether he is unwell.

These two are popular television celebrities and apparently are good at hiding their problems. In this case, Joe may be absent from the TV show  for many reasons which have nothing to do with illness.  For example, in 2020, Joe did take a hiatus from ‘Morning Joe’ show but reappeared later.

Is the marriage in turmoil?

No. Mika Brzezinski and Joe are not divorcing and the pair are happily married. They are living a lovely life together. Joe married Mika in 2018 after years of courtship while sharing a workspace.

Before Mika Brzezinski, Joe has had two marriages and divorces. He has four kids from his previous marriages. Two kids with his first wife Melanie Hinton who he married in 1990. After the divorce he married Susan Warren who was Jeb Bush’s  staffer. He married her in 2013 and together the had two kids; a daughter and a son.

Besides, Joe’s dependant include two stepkids from his wife Mika’s earlier marriage with former husband James Hoffer.

When did Mika and Joe get married?

Their secret relationship was  fodder to tabloids back in 2016. their bond is strong since they both share experience in politics, even though their romance was secret. 

Joe and Mika Brzezinski tied the knot in 2018 in Washington DC on a Thanksgiving weekend at the National Archives. It was a private ceremony with a few family and close friends in attendance. The ceremony was officiated by US Rep. Elijah Cummings. Hopefully, they stay true to each other for many years or until death do them apart.

Why is Morning Joe show so popular?

Scarborough started gaining popularity in 2003 as a political commentator  and contributor to MSBC, then in 2007, he took the next step and started hosting his show, the Morning Joe. Initially he did it by filling in abandoned time-slots .

However, viewers interest on his take on politics and his show earned him a time-slot. He became a popular and exciting political voices in the television.

Joe is the main architect of Morning Joe and later tapped talented and brilliant co-hosts  including  Mika Brzezinski who is now his wife.

Mika Brzezinski is a journalist by profession and an author who started  working as a Fox News reporter, later moving to CBS  and finally to MSBC. Her notable reporting is during the September 11 terror attacks from ‘Ground Zero’.

Mika Brzezinski is a pioneer co-host of ‘Morning Joe’ show and she has good chemistry with Joe which made her an invaluable asset to the show.  But, scandals erupted when her affair with Joe leaked as she was still married to James Hoffer. The scandal led to a divorce freeing her to explore a relationship with her co-host, Scarborough.

How are the couple doing?

Five years down the line after they made it official, the two political couples  are still together and going strong. They continue to navigate the politics in America and offer their opinions. Plus, they still have a big fan base who look up to them. Their popularity is still enviable to date.

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