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Marielle Hadid Net Worth, Early life, Education, Career, Family, Relationship, Social Media   

Marielle Hadid was born in Washington D.C. She is an American fashionista and entrepreneur. She is also a graphic designer; a career she adopted from her step-sister and her mother. She’s so lovely and active on social media especially Twitter and Instagram which make her popular. She’s the daughter of Mr. Mohamed Hadid and Mary Butler. She comes from a well-off family. She is a staunch Muslim by denomination.  She respected her foster mother Mrs. Yolanda after her mother was divorced. Alana is her sister and also has step-siblings Gigi, Anwar, and Bella. She grew up enjoying the artwork and later opted to study it at the University. She works and trains other staff and also features in modeling events with her sister Gigi.

Age, Birthday, Height, and Weight

Marielle was born on 7th September 1980 in Washington D.C. She is an American by nationality. As of now, she is 42 years and seven months old. Marielle’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches, this shows she’s relatively tall. She weighs 58 kilograms which corresponds well to her height. This defines her body physique.

Marielle Hadid’s Early life.

As the first daughter to Mr. Hadid, Marielle spend most of her life with his parents until 12 years when they divorced. She remained with her father and her young sister Alana until her father married another wife Mrs. Yolanda. She lived with her foster mother and step-siblings until she was grown up. Due to her good relationship with her siblings, she learned a lot from them, especially from her sister Gigi who features in modeling work. She’s loyal to her family as she opted to stay with her father when her mother left despite loving her mother’s artistic work.She continued with artwork that saw her study it at a higher level.

Marielle Hadid’s Education

Marielle attended the Parson School of Design in New York City where she gained more knowledgeand skills on artwork. She furthered her study at The Academy of Arts University where she got more skills on artwork and design. She keeps learning as she works and this has made her more conversant with the dynamic change in life. She also trains and teaches other staff and this has assisted her to be up to date with the current trends of life. Marielle continues to learn modeling from her sister Gigi and she is determined to achieve her dream.

Marielle Hadid’s Career

Marielle’s career was adopted from her mother, Mary Butler’s talent of creativity as an artist. She was determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps in the artwork. She worked as a top buyer at Guess. Currently, she works in the design industry and she co-owns Hadid eyewear with her sister Alana. She is a homemaker and spends most of her time in Texas, Arizona, and California renovating homes. She spent most of her life furnishing and training other staff members to be like her in designing industry. She loves her career.She has also worked on various projects like designing album covers,websites, and logos. She was a teacher who taught in New York and Los Angeles. She is also a yoga instructor. Marielle worked with Malala Fund which advocates for girl child education around the world. Her artwork has also been featured in New York City,Miami, and Los Angeles galleries. She has written several articles including Huffington Post and Women’sHealth.

Marielle Hadid’s Family

Marielle is the first daughter of Mary Butler and Mohamed Hadid. She lived with her parents happily until they separated. She has Alana her blood sister. After the divorce, her father married Mrs. Yolanda her foster mother whom they lived together. Mrs. Yolanda had three children Bella and Gigi who were step-sisters to Marielle and Anwar as her brother. As an elder daughter, Marielle showed love and support to her young siblings. This made them grow in unity and respect for each other hence building trust in one another. They live together happily with Mrs.Yolanda acknowledging her as their mother. Marielle also has her own family. She is proud to be a mother of two children Colton and Colette. She shows her love and aspiration through social media and shares romantic quotes about how she loves her family and her siblings.

Marielle Hadid’s Relationship

Like any other human being, Marielle relates to the people surrounding her very well. She is so social, loving, and respectful and this makes her popular. She relates well with her siblings. She is always featuring her step-sister Gigi whom she offered support in her works of modeling and accompanied her in modelingevents. She is a married woman and has twobeautiful children that are always posted on social media. She keeps her marital life secret as she does not reveal to anyone who her husband is. She however shares her romantic moments on her social platforms indicating she has a husband. She is currently dating Jack Halloran. She loves and cherishes her stepmother Yolanda for the support when they were young.

Marielle Hadid’s Net Worth

Despite Marielle coming from a well-off family, she has gone the extra mile to make her own money. She is gaining a lot of money from her artwork and as a designer. This makes her net worth stand atmore than $1 million. As she continues her entrepreneurship work, she’s likely to surpass her current net worth due to her determination and hard work. She has partnered with her sister in Hadid eyewear which contributes to her net income.

Marielle Hadid’s Social Media           

She is popular and active on social media; Twitter and Instagram accounts. She is always posting her beautiful kid’s photos on Twitter. The active nature of these accounts makes hermore followers. For instance, her Instagram account which is “@mariellamama” has 265k followers while her Twitter account which is ‘@livingwellwithmariella’ has 560k followers. She is not active on her Facebook account.  The accounts have also made her work popular through advertisements. Most people get to know her and her work through these social media platforms.

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