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Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth

An Australian South Korean singer, Bang Chang is a songwriter, producer, rapper and renowned television personality. Bang Chan is a popular leader of Stray Kids, a boy’s band. As a member of the multi-million-singer group Stray Kids, Bang Chan has since become one of the fourth-generation idols hence many fans would want to know more information about him.

Read on to learn more about Bang Chan;

Also known as Christopher Bang, Bang Chan, was born on 3 October 1997 and his love for music started early, something that pushed him into taking ballet and modern dance classes. Alongside music, Bang Chan is a sports fanatic who has won several swimming awards in the past.

Since he ultimately wanted to become a singer, he strove to become one of the best artists. Regardless of how challenging the journey was, he has achieved it because of his love and passion for music.

Net Worth

According to Net Worth Spot, Bang Chan’s net worth is approximately $5 million, something that makes him the richest member of the group. Before joining Stray Kids, he was part of 3RACHA, a three-member hip-hop group including  Han and Changbin. It’s here where they released their first mixtape.

A huge part of his income, however, comes from his current music career as he is one of the most talented composers and music writers. Until now, he has worked on more than 15 albums and over 5 3RACHA albums. This shows how committed he is when it comes to composing music and writing songs. Today, there are up to 50 Stray Kids songs under his name.


Stray Kids Bang Chan was born to Mr and Mrs Chan in South Korea. Unlike other family members, he is both Australian and Korean. While growing up his aim was to make his parents proud and has never revealed their identity on social media. He has a brother known as Lucas and a sister named Hannah.

Before he joined Stray Kids he started training in JYP Entertainment in 2010. While he was born in Australia he is of Korean descent. He has a dog named Berry.

Age, Birthday, Height, and Weight

Born in 1997, Bang Chan is currently 25 years old. He weighs 78 kg and has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He also features black hair and dark brown eyes although his other body parts are still under review.

Early Life

While growing up he moved to Sydney, Australia before changing homes several times. He also took ballet and modern dance classes at Newtown High School, engaged in sports and won many swimming awards with his dad as the instructor.

At the age of 13, he auditioned for the label JYP Entertainment and passed. Although he was still young he joined JYP on April 11, 2011, and made many friends including TWICE, GOT7, and DAY6. He trained for 7 years and completed his high school at Cheongdam High School.

In late 2016, they formed 3RACHA, a hip-hop group with Han and Changbin where he used the name CB97. They uploaded self-composed extended plays on SoundCloud throughout 2017.

In 2017, his official name and picture were revealed to the company for the first time. He also became the leader of a nine-member Male Group Project that confirmed him as the leader. Although he is living his dream his early life wasn’t easy.


Apart from singing, Bang Chan enjoyed sports such as swimming where he won many awards. One thing you need to know about him is that he is a perfectionist who holds himself to very high standards. As a young man, he maintained a very tight schedule rigid schedule, carefully noting all his lesions in his notebook. Wherever he wasn’t in school, he was in a pool swimming, something he has done throughout his life.

For the 8 years, he trained at JYP, he watched as most of his friends either debuted or left the company altogether. This long wait allowed him to sharpen his music skills and also learned how to handle frustrations. With his future bandmates Han and Changbin, they learned a lot and also forged an alchemical partnership.

You may not believe but, but Bang Chan is actually the reason why Stray Kids existed. During his long training days, he neither gave up nor quit. Regardless of the frustrations, he kept honing his skills in dancing, singing, rapping, and producing. He also took MIDI classes with his partners something that led to the formation of 3RACHA in 2017.

Since JYP realized that he had so much potential, they decided to experiment with him. They, therefore, decided to take a great leap of faith and entrusted the whole concept to him. They also allowed him to do all the preparation.

Since he believes that Stray Kids is what has made him become who he is today, he always makes time for them no matter how busy he is. Always. One thing that stands out about him is that he is always starving to be perfect.


Recently, he revealed that he is in love but he never mentioned the name of his partner. He also indicated that he loves the beach so place explaining that it’s the only place that relieves him of stress.


In education, Bang Chan went to Cheongdam High School and before leaving Sydney, he attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. While he went to the same school with Seungmin he was his senior.

Social Media

Bang Chan doesn’t have any other social media accounts apart from the official Stray Kid account.

9 Must-Know Facts About Bang Chan

  1. Bang Chan has a younger brother and sister named Lucas and Hannah
  2. He attended the same school as Seungmin.
  3. He has a dog named Berry.
  4. Since his childhood, he has always wanted to become a singer
  5. While living in Australia, he moved house five times. He moved to Drummoyne, Strathfield, Belmore, and Greenacre.
  6. His father was a swimming pool instructor hence he swam a lot
  7. At only 8 years he won a swimming award at the carnival
  8. While in the music group 3RACHA he used the name CB97
  9. He has dimples something that makes him quite charming

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