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Lori Harvey: Early Life, Education, Relationship, Net Worth, Age, Career, etc

Lori Harvey

Being a lady in the contemporary world entails understanding yourself and knowing what to do to remain relevant. However, sometimes you may find yourself in the limelight because of the people you interact with or are related to. Lori Harvey isn’t a new name on the celebrity list. She’s among the individuals who keep their lives on the low, meaning a good portion of the world population may need more information to know this beautiful icon. We shall review Lori’s early life, education, family, relationship, age, net worth, career, and other details to paint a clearer picture of who she is.

Lori’s Early Childhood and Family

Ms. Harvey was born into a well-settled family in the United States of America in Memphis, Tennessee, on 13th January 1997, a Capricorn. Nonetheless, Lori grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Lori’s birthday was on a Monday, making her an emotionally-driven individual. Harvey has always been a modeling enthusiast growing up; you can tell from her beauty that she has enhanced over the years. 

Reliable resources have confirmed that the young model is an adoptive child of Steve Harvey, one of the biggest names when talking about global celebs. Her mother is Marjorie Elaine Harvey, Steve’s third wife. Our research has proven this fact and identified Lori’s biological father as Darnell Woods.

Surprisingly, Lori’s stepdad isn’t the only one who has been in the marriage life before. Reports from Distractify prove that Lori’s biological dad was her mum’s second husband. Steve has been praised because she never left any of Marjorie’s children behind. He adopted Lori together with her siblings, Jason Harvey and Morgan Harvey.

The legality of Lori and her siblings’ adoption happened in 2007 after Steve and Marjorie tied the knot. Ms. Harvey, who was raised as a Christian, was 10 by then. Nonetheless, the gorgeous model still sticks to her African descent and mixed racial background. Lori’s step brothers are Wynton Harvey and Broderick Harvey Jr., while her step sisters are the Harvey’s twins, Brandi and Karli Harvey. 

Education History

Details about Ms. Harvey’s educational background are skimpy because less information is available about this subject. She has often evaded the question about her education, including on her Instagram profile. Many of her fans globally feel she’s skeptical about disclosing her educational background because she dropped out of college. 

Education is essential, but at a young age, Lori had achieved more than many people with degrees. She was a professional equestrian with several winnings in championships during her teenage years. Many colleges wanted Lori as a recruited equestrian athlete, including Florida College, which she attended intending to represent the United States in the Olympics. 

Unfortunately, an accident that hurt her back and leg crashed this dream. However, this didn’t break her, considering Lori had started her modeling career at three. These are the main reasons many people conclude that Ms. Harvey dropped out of college to pursue her modeling career after the accident affected her dream of becoming an equestrian.   


One factor that has put Lori Harvey in the limelight is the number of relationships she has had with mentionable individuals. Some of the reputable people that Lori has been believed to have dated include Future, Trey Songz, and Justin Combs (Diddy), whose ages are 29, 38, and 29, respectively. It’s alleged that in 2019, Ms. Harvey was in a love triangle with the three champs.

Twitter went crazy about this story, but that only pushed Lori to take it to the next level by starting a romantic relationship with Sean Combs, Justin’s father, who is currently 53. Diddy and Lori’s relationship was highlighted by dinner and Italian summer vacations. The intimacy lasted between July and October 2019. Diddy was spotted with another woman, while reliable sources reported that Lori unfollowed Mr. Combs on Instagram. 

In 2016, Ms. Harvey had a serious relationship with Memphis Depay, a Dutch professional footballer. Their engagement was in June 2017, but the relationship was short-lived as it ended in 2018. After things were over with Depay, Lori was in another short-lived relationship with Lewis Hamilton, a racing driver from Britain. 

Ms. Harvey started her date with Michael B. Jordan, an American actor, in November 2020. Michael confirmed this relationship in a December 2021 interview, where he termed it as having finally found what love was through Lori. Unfortunately, things between the two ended in June 2022, and in January 2023, Lori ascertained that she was dating Damson Idris, another actor.

Net Worth

Reports from Filmysiyappa indicate that Lori has an approximate net worth of $4 million as of 2023. Other sources have confirmed that the attractive model had accumulated a net worth of between $2 million and $3 million by 2021. This money isn’t solely from modeling projects; she also makes substantial amounts from brand promotions and endorsements. 


Lori was born on January 13, 1997, meaning she is 26 years old as of March 2023. She has achieved a lot at a young age but still has a long way to go and a lot more to explore in her career, relationships, and even family matters. 


Ms. Harvey started as a model at the young age of three. However, later in life, she blended modeling with equestrianism, where she won several championships in her teenage years. However, an accident that injured her toe and back made her entirely focus on modeling as a full-time career. Lori signed several incredible contracts, including U.S’s LA Model Management agency and Europe’s Select Model Management. 

Ms. Harvey is also in business, having SKN by LH, a skincare product line she launched in 2021. 

Lori has walked different runways in her modeling career. Still, the 2017 Spring/Summer collection by Dolce & Gabbana must have been one of the most phenomenal events she has attended to date. Moreover, Ms. Harvey has participated in Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Pat McGrath’s Beauty Lab, Valentino, and Burberry campaigns. Her love for music has also contributed to her successful career, considering she has collaborated with phenomenal individuals in the music industry, such as appearing in the ‘Glu’ music video by Usher. 

Legal Matters

Lori is like many other young people because she has her share of legal issues. The Beverly Hills Police Department records show that the young and rich model was arrested in October 2019 after fleeing from a collision scene. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office spokesperson told People that the lady faced two misdemeanor charges. According to TMZ, she accepted a plea deal in December 2020 to meet a 2-year probation sentence.         

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