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Jose Stemkens: Net Worth, Career, Divorce, Age, Education, Early Life

Jose Stemkens

Jose Stemkens is a famous fashion icon and entrepreneur. Afterward celebrity in the style and fashion industry she converted into a fashion consultant. Jose Stemkens is the originator of Sunrise Fashion Consultancy. She comes to the publicity of media when she married Titus Welliver, a celebrated American actor.

Jose Stemkens is an actually popular woman who already married Titus. She was already operated for several firms around America and Europe. 

Jose Stemkens Birthdate, Early Life, and Education:

Jose Stemkens was born in Tembisa, South Africa. She was born on 29 December 1987.  Then she migrates to Holland along with her family. Jose Stemkens Educational background is not yet despicable. Jose Stemkens’s family is hidden from the people. Everyone doesn’t know about his parent’s or siblings’ names.

Career of Jose Stemkens

Jose Stemkens was passionate to work in the fashion and style industry from her youth. Her vision was successful in high school. Stemkens initiated her career at Mata Hari multi-chain store located in Holland. She is a diligent and hardworking woman. Shortly she was upgraded to assistant manager. Subsequently, she promoted the store manager.

She took a great step in 1955 when she ongoing to work for Espirit, the international fashion brand. She worked nearby for nearly ten years. She resigned from Espirit in 2005 and link with The Great China Wall, a remarkable clothing track. She worked as a manager of its worldwide accounts.

Further, Jose Stemkens was employed as president of Dept & JC RAGS, after her departure from The Great China Wall in 2009. She worked for 4 years during her time the brands rise exponentially due to her outstanding ability and strength of mind.

When she resigned from the Dept & JC RAGS in 2013, Jose joined The House of Quirky as vice president for 8 months. She delivers the same determination and gets achievement to the association.

Jose Stemkens decided to open her fashion consulting firm Sunrise Fashion Consulting in 2014. The firm deals in consulting services for new products that are finding their approach into the US fashion industry. Sunrise Fashion Consulting, they have the right to the entrance to trusted department stores and fashion boutiques throughout the country. Furthermore, it also offers PR, legal guidance, business support, and marketing to brands. 

Marriage of Jose and Titus Welliver

Titus and Jose swapped promises in April 2014. They organized a large marriage ceremony at Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, California. The Scheduling of the wedding was supported by Tiana Scharf, an event organizer. She is dressed in the wedding by Herve Leger. Titus defined that day as the most wonderful and charming day of his life.

Jose and Titus’s Children

Regardless of being married for six years, Jose and Titus do not have any children. Nevertheless, Jose was the mother of Titus’ 3 children from his previous marriage. The names of Jose’s stepchildren are Eamonn, Quinn, and Cara McBride.

Jose Husband Titus Welliver’s Marriages

Jose’s former husband has been married four times in his career. Titus’s first wife is Heather Wilelandt and his second wife is actress Joanna Heimbold, mother of Eamonn and Quinn. His third wife was Elizabeth W. Alexander who is Cara’s mother. Elizabeth made diagnosed with cancer and died in 2012.


Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver filed for separation in April 2019. At the start of 2021, they confirmed their divorce. The judge signed off and assigned everyone their share of assets. Also Connecticut real estate properties and a bank account, Titus received payments from TV and film work.

She was permitted to keep other assets like the 2017 Range Rover. Furthermore, she was allowed to keep her business, personal items like jewelry, and bank accounts.

As per the court judgment, Titus also had to pay $27,000, every month till the end of 2021 and a lump sum of $50,000 for the equality of the property splitting. Jose also got guardianship of her 14 years old stepdaughter whom she already accepted legally, in the course of her marriage.

Net Worth

Jose and Titus moved their isolated ways after separation. Nevertheless, they are living in Los Angeles. Titus passes most of his time at work. On the other hand, Jose is a successful woman, who already made fairly a name for herself in the fashion and style industry. Her projected net worth is near $1millions. She is the Chief Executive of a well-established fashion consultancy company.

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