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How Long Do Idiots Live? A trendy TikTok Joke (2023)

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“How Long Do Idiots Live” A funny trendy TikTok has been going viral in recent times.

TikTok has always been a crazy platform for crazy people to do crazy things. While TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly users, it’s only to be expected that crazy challenges, videos, and memes will amuse people and go viral. 

When people find a challenge, a joke, or a meme new and interesting, they start to follow and share that for a while and that becomes a trend. Last year, several TikTok memes went viral and “How Long Do Idiots Live” was one of those popular trends. Some other notable memes were “How long do tall people live?”, “How long do short people live?”, “What is the coldest place in the universe?”, “Why were Graham crackers invented?”. 

One thing to note about these memes is that these are all questions and will make you curious to know the answer to these questions. Now, when you google these questions, you get either funny or unexpected results. So, what’s the answer to “How Loong Do Idiots Live?” Stay tuned with us to know everything about this trend.

“How Long Do Idiots Live?”: Why Is This a Trend?

This TikTok joke was a viral trend in 2021. But last year the joke reappeared in February with a new trend. We will talk about that trend later. Let’s first understand what this joke means and why this is a trend.

This trend is about asking an absurd question to make fun of someone. It becomes more interesting when you ask the same question on Google and get nonsense and unusual answer. So, when you Google the phrase, “How long do idiots live”, you get the answer “12-15 years”. Isn’t it strange? 

So, according to Google, all kids are idiots and by the time they will reach their teenage, no idiots will remain on earth. It also means that all adults are normal, non-idiotic, and brilliant people. This brings another conclusion that if I am an idiot, I should not live longer than 15 years. This is why people are now sending memes like “I’m 25 and I’m an idiot, but I‘m still alive”. 

“I’ll Never Forget You”: The Following Trend

Earlier we mentioned that the “How long do idiots live” trend reappeared in 2022 with another new trend. This trend is sending the lyrics of Zara Larsson’s song “I’ll never forget you” after sending the previous phrase. 

According to Google, an idiot can live 12-15 years. So, when you think that someone is an idiot, you first send him or her the phrase “How long do idiots live”. Then you send the next phrase “I’ll never forget you” as they will soon die. 

Other Trends:

In TikTok, several other memes also went viral among Gen-Z TikTok users, such as “How long do tall people live?”, “How long do shot people live”, “How long do white people live”, “How long do black people live”, etc. It’s no wonder that the answers to these questions are ridiculous and for every question, you get the same life expectancy, i.e., 12-15 years. In some cases, you may get slightly varying results. But that’s not the point.

There is no reason to believe all these answers. Instead, you should the intention of the meme. It’s all about fun. So, don’t take all these mems seriously or personally. Even if you are an idiot, you will not die after 15 years. No, I’m joking. You are not an idiot. Trust me we all are wonderful in some way. More importantly, there is no relation between life expectancy and height, color, or idiotic behaviors.

Is It Google or Someone Editing the Results?

As a search engine, Google provides results from the most relevant sources. So, why does Google show this type of unusual and funny results? This can probably be because there are already articles on Google about “How long do idiots live” and those articles provide ridiculous information. Another possible reason is that people are editing the search results of Google to make fun of something.  So, don’t believe this nonsense and enjoy the memes as something funny. 

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