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Adrienne Anderson Bailey Biography, Children, Relationship and Net Worth

Adrienne Anderson Bailey is a popular model and actress in America, and she also has other careers. Her husband is a famous hip-hop recording artist, and she has two sons. In this article, we will find more information about her biography, which includes her weight, age, height, education, nationality, ethnicity and career, her current relationship, children and detailed information about her current net worth, which includes her salary, property, income and earnings. Let’s get started.


She was born and raised in the United States of America. However, there are no clear details concerning her age, birthplace, or birthday. Her full name is Adrienne Anderson Bailey, and her nickname is Adrienne. She is black and an American and relates to different cultures and nationalities. There is no clear information concerning her education since she has kept it private.

Her actual height and body size are also not well known, but her height is estimated to be average, and her weight is estimated as moderate. Based on her appearance, she is slim and has a dark skin tone. Her zodiac sign is also not known. Her hair is black, and her eyes are dark brown. Her sexual orientation is straight, and her religion is not known. The information about her parents concerning their identities and whether she has siblings is unavailable since she has yet to reveal much to the public. However, more information will be disclosed after clear information from credible sources.

She is well-known as a model but became famous after marrying Howard Bailey, whose stage name is Chingy. Her husband is her full inspiration to pursue her career as a model. She has other careers like singing, producing and acting. Information concerning her profession is limited, but as a model, she is known to might have participated in various fashion shows and promotions of brands since she has to keep up with being a wife to a celebrity and also to be close to him. At that time, around 2000, Howard Bailey was famous because he used to power sell like 2 million albums which include; Hood Star, Jackpot, and Power Ballin’. Her online presence is on Facebook and Twitter.

Besides being married to Chingy, she is known to have participated in some films like Crime Patrol as an African princess and Space Pirate. There is no much-known information about Adrienne apart from the one tied to his husband. She has managed to keep her life away from the public since there is no information concerning who she dated before marrying Chingy.


The information about Chingy is limited as he is popularly known because of his albums, power ballin’, Hood Star, and Jackpot, which are popular. Chingy was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, in the United States, in March 1980, and he began his career as a rapper when he was a teenager. He was born and raised by a single mother.

Besides being a hip-hop recording artist, he is also an actor featured in several television series like The System Within and a comedy series known as My Wife and Kids. His religious and height information is unknown since he has not revealed much to the public. He was known as a good rapper after releasing his summer debut single, which was known as Jackpot in 2003. He then released his second album, power ballin’, in 2005, and Hood Star was released in 2006. He is known for having a relationship with Ludacris and for signing him to his record label, which was known as Disturbing Tha Peace. He then released his first album, Hate It or Love It, under the record label in 2007. In July 2018, he started his record label and produced his first single, Sparks Fly.

Adrienne and Bailey have had a long-lasting relationship, and they later got married in 2005 and gave birth to two children, Mykael Bailey and Alzea Bailey. They have been together for 15 years and are still enjoying their marriage. There is no much information concerning the age of their children apart from their gender, which is male. She has tried so much to keep her life private. Therefore, there is less information concerning her relationship and marriage with Chingy. However, there is information that his husband Bailey had married Keshia Pulliam, featured in an American television series as Rudy Huxtable, before marrying Adrienne. Their marriage lasted only a short time.

There was also information that Chingy was having an affair with Tiffany Harddish. There were also other rumours that he had a relationship with a transgender model, Sydney Starr, which affected Chingy’s profession. However, he denied the claims of his relationship with the model. Her current location is Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and children enjoying parenthood together, but she has yet to disclose the exact location. She is also currently working for his husband, meaning she is still in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth

The media has not gotten any exact information about her net worth since she has many careers and has yet to disclose it to the public. However, based on her modelling career, the media has estimated her net worth, which includes her money, income and assets, to be $1 million in 2020 since modelling is one of the careers in that one can earn a large amount of money by being a brand promoter. Her career as a model and actress is her primary source of income, but she also has other sources which have added up to her lavish lifestyle. Her husband’s net worth is estimated at $10 million in 2020. His net worth might have changed since it depends on the number of albums he has recently sold. His income is from his career as a producer, artist, and hip-hop record artist. He has also received multiple gifts while in the industry. The full information is based on the current information from credible sources, and more details will be updated.

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