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Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt Net Worth, Personal Life, Siblings, Wiki, Career

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt is the little girl of William Hurt, the most famous actor of his time and an Oscar-winning actor from “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. She got birth on Tuesday, February 1st, 1994, in Washington DC. In terms of age, Jeanne is 29 in Feb-2023 to be specific.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt is the child of William McChord Hurt and Sandrine Bonnaire. Her mother is also a famous French actress, a renowned screenwriter, and a successful director who has also performed in more than 40 films. Her mother started her acting career in 1983 at the age of 16 and also achieved film awards multiple times.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Parents

Her father William Hurt and mother Sandrine Bonnaire, both are well-known silver-screen celebrities. But Jeanne preferred not to make a career in the film industry. In 1991, William Hurt met Sandrine Bonnaire during a film shoot and started a proper relationship in 1992 that lasted for five years. In 1997 they separated due to unknown reasons. After separation, Sandrine married with G.Laurant in 2003.

 William Hurt was the TV star that female viewers flocked to in the 1980s. However, his private life was everything but serene behind the scenes. His acting credits include outstanding performances in the films “Body Heat,” “Gorky Park,” and “The Big Chill.” In “Broadcast News” he was a clumsy anchorman. His life was centered on multiple wives and multiple movies and shows.

William Hurt died at the age of 71 in Portland, Oregon on Sunday 13 March 2022, owing to prostate cancer that was diagnosed in 2018.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Parents Not Married?

Her parents lived in a relationship for a fair amount of period in the early to mid/late 1990s. This couple meet first time in 1991 and started dating officially and establish a relationship in 1992. However, this relationship ended up a few years after Jeanne was born in 1994. 

It is not clear about Jeanne’s parents are married or not. But it couldn’t be categorically ruled out because they spent almost 5 years together, as a result giving birth to Jeanne.  Moreover, they happily welcome Jeanne’s birth, their only baby. Jeanne’s parents separated their ways in 1997 when she was only 3 years old.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Siblings

William Hurt, the father of four children— two with Heidi Henderson, one with Sandra Jennings, and one with a French actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter, Sandrine Bonnaire. Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s half-siblings are Alexander Devon Hurt, Samuel Hurt, and William Hurt, Jr., Of his three brothers and a sister’s siblings, Bonnaire is the youngest of the brothers. However, they are not her biological brothers. A second sibling, Adele Laurant, was a result of her mother’s marriage to screenwriter and actor G. Laurant, after separation from William Hurt. Adele Laurant was born in November 2004.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt Estimated Net Worth

It seems that Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt tries to keep her life hidden and always avoided the spotlight. Although Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s current net worth is unreported, her father’s has been discovered. He has yearly earnings of around $500,000. However, Jeanne’s father put in enough effort to achieve numerous awards and a respectable amount of financial success for his widely recognized endeavors. At the time of his death William Hurt, Jeanne’s father owns a net worth was $20 million approximately. 

Along with this, her mother also earned a handsome amount from the film industry in her life, which is approximately $2 million. Moreover, being one of the most world-renowned movie actresses, Sandrine Bonnaire is also one of the richest female actresses. So, Jeanne along with her siblings inherited a good bit of money. 

Despite the fact that she has not disclosed her source of earnings or job, we can derive she and her family have a luxurious lifestyle. She is altogether focused on her own personal life. Since she is not a baby now, she is engaged in personal activities that she finds enjoyable. Because of her parents’ great achievements and wealth, she and her family have managed a comfortable and safe, and happy life for themselves.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Personality

She maintains a reserved profile and never got much media attention. Jeanne Bonnaire is respected for being a famous celebrity child. She was born on February 1st, 1994, and bears the sign of Aquarius. She is a well-known youngster who is white Caucasian. Due to the different nationalities of her parents, she is a dual citizen.

She is a gorgeous girl with a great body figure and a really charming personality. Jeanne Bonnaire Hurt weighs approximately 62 kilograms and is 5 feet 8 inches in height. She enjoys good health and has a charming and enamoring body look. She has God-gifted golden-brown hair and glowing brown eyes. 

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Relationships/Personal Life

Jeanne Bonnaire kept the details of her private life away from the media. She isn’t at the forefront of any rumors or scandals.  She might have kept the details of her previous relationships and dating history hidden. She isn’t romantically in a relationship with anyone right now. She is an independent woman who is totally dedicated to her future. 

But despite all the realities, she has recently gained popularity as well, perhaps thanks to social media. She has avoided rumors that would endanger her job or future. She has an immaculate track record though, and has never been seen in any controversies and never tried to attain cheap fame.

Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt’s Career

She comes from a wealthy, well-educated family, so she doesn’t have to worry about a decent education’s standards, career objectives, wants, and needs. The star child’s decision to keep herself out of the spotlight has another unfriendly move for the public: neither the general public nor the media are aware of what she works for a job or how she generates a consistent income and where is she nowadays. Though her father left a very reasonable wealth behind also her mother is a wealthy lady.

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