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Gena Tew: A Model, Social Media Sensation, and AIDS Fighter Net Worth, Carrier, Personal Life, Education

Gena Tew, a social media star and model, has earned big money in her career. According to reports, she owned $600 to 700K last year. However, she is fighting AIDS nowadays. Her disease became a headline for social media and the fashion industry. She updates her followers about her health conditions via her social media handle. In the following, you will learn about her net worth, family, early life, relations, and many other aspects of life. So, scroll down the page to learn more about her. 


She didn’t talk too much about her family. Therefore, the complete information about her family is not available. Even the names of her father and mother are still unknown. Although, once she posted her childhood picture along with her father. Even at that time, she didn’t talk about him. 

She also has an elder sister who is no more as she died of lung disease. Her sister left her husband with 3 children. Aside from them, nothing is disclosed about her family.

She has mixed ethnicity and American nationality. She belongs to a Christian family. 

Age, Birthday, Height, Weight

Gena was born on 16 December 1994 in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently (April 2023), she is 29 years old. She is 5’4’’ high and weighed approximately about 41Kg, before her disease days. Currently, she weighs only 29 kg and has also lost one eye. 

She has hazel color eyes and carries medium-length brown hair. Footwear of 6 US ideally fits her.

Early Life

Gena Tew had a lovely childhood and a loving baby in her house. However, there is not too much information public about her early life. The only thing that clues her early days is her picture with her father and elder sister, which she posted on her Instagram account. 


Gena entered modeling just after completing her graduation. She moved to New York to pursue her passion and profession. Where she collaborated with numerous major brands and magazines. In 2015, she was on the cover of “The Cover” magazine. 

Besides brand and magazine modeling, she is also a social media sensation, i.e., TikTok and Instagram. She often posted her modeling photoshoots over her social media handles. 

Net Worth

Gena Tew earned a handsome some by pursuing her career in modeling. In October last year, she had a net worth of about $600 to 700K. She generated this money with multiple sources, i.e., modeling, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, advertisement, etc. She is living in a leased house but decorated it nicely. Moreover, she pays all of her expenses and manages everything by herself. 


Gena was seen with numerous celebrities. According to sources, she dated several renowned singers and musicians. Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, and Chief Keef are included in the list of her dated partners. 

It was often seen that she shared pictures of boys with heart emojis on her social media accounts. However, currently, she is committed to someone but didn’t reveal his name. TikTok star is unmarried and has no children.


She attended a private school in the region to complete her early education. She completed her high school at a reputed institute in the region. After that, she also completed her graduation. Both the names of school and college are not disclosed. Besides the name, the field of education is also still private.

Social Media

The major cause of her fame and the reason behind her celebrity status is her social media activities. She always comes on social media platforms with creative and out-of-the-box content. She portrays her modeling photos, cover songs, and videos on social media. 

In the past, she was only an Instagram sensation. Currently, she is enjoying TikTok celebrity status as well. She has about 103K Instagram accounts with 53 posts. She enjoys 868K followers on TikTok with 7.3 million likes on about 240 videos. She also has a Facebook and Twitter account. 

Current Situation and Criticism

Gena was diagnosed with AIDS in March 2022. With this news, she was in highlights all around social media. She continued her life until she was diagnosed with AIDS. Doctors said that she had an 8-9-year-old virus. As a result, she lost her weight and even became crippled. 

She admitted herself to the hospital. After that, she informed her followers about her health conditions and continuously updating about it. She said that she didn’t know how I got it. It may be due to some dirty tattoo needle or something else.  


Gena was criticized too much for disclosing the news about her AIDS positive. It was said that she was doing so to grab public attention. However, all myths were falsified when she posted her video on TikTok, depicting her struggle to get off the bed. It was seen about 11 million times. Moreover, her latest pictures differentiate between present and past health conditions. 


Currently, she is using a wheelchair for mobility. According to the reports, she is again gaining weight and trying to learn how to walk. She is using $4K worth of one dose of life-saving medicine nowadays to restore her health. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • Gena Tattooed her body, i.e., arm, neck, and stomach.
  • She has a cute dog pet at home.
  • She pierced her cheek and ears. 
  • She is obsessed with taking pictures with Snapchat filters
  • She only weighs 29 Kg and is one eye blind due to AIDS.


Is Gena Tew died, or is she still alive?

Gena is still alive and fighting AIDS. According to recent reports, she is on the way to rehabilitation. 

Is Gena Tew married or single?

Gena is still enjoying the single life. However, she dated numerous celebrities and men. She also has no children. 

What is the net worth of Gena Tew?

According to a report, Gena has a net worth of $600-700K in 2022.

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