What Factors Affect the Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery?


Are you one of the 75 percent of people who don’t like the way they look at post-nose jobs? Have you considered getting rhinoplasty, but you’re hesitating because of the cost? 

With the right surgeon, rhinoplasty surgery can change your life. However, many people struggle to get the funds together.

In this post, we’ll talk about everything you should know about the cost of rhinoplasty.

Number of Changes

Rhinoplasty surgery costs are affected by the number of changes the patient desires. If a patient is looking to make minor changes, such as narrowing the bridge of their nose or removing a hump, the cost of the procedure will be much lower than for drastic changes. 

The differences in the type of techniques used by the surgeon can have an impact on price. For example, a closed technique may be less costly than an open technique that is more invasive. Check out rhinoplasty by Dr. White for more information about rhinoplasty techniques and cost. 

Revision Rhinoplasty

There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of revision rhinoplasty. The first factor is the complexity of the procedure. If the revision of rhinoplasty is more complex than the original procedure then the cost is likely to be greater. The materials used in the revision rhinoplasty are also a cost factor. 

Nose Injuries

The severity of nose injuries affects the total cost of rhinoplasty. For instance, if a broken nose requires extensive work to restore its original shape, the cost of rhinoplasty could be higher than if the damage were minor. 

The cost of rhinoplasty may be higher in cases where cartilage needs to be added to the nose, as well as if the nose needs to be reset in the event that it is crooked.  The total cost for a nose injury is therefore extremely variable and should be discussed with your physician.

Skin Thickness

Rhinoplasty surgery cost is affected by multiple factors, one of which is skin thickness. Clear, thin skin allows for maximum visibility, providing the surgeon with an easier job when shaving down and reshaping the nose.

Thick skin, however, can be particularly difficult to work with and may increase the cost of surgery due to the extra effort to reach the finer details of the surgery. This can also lead to unpredictable results, due to the difficulty of reshaping when working with thick tissue.

Additionally, thick skin can result in an unfavorable outcome as the recovery may present some sagging at the tip of the nose. To get the best results from the surgery, it is helpful to have thin, clear skin.

Understanding the Cost of Rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery can vary greatly and is impacted by many factors. Patients should understand the types of fees involved, the complexity of the procedure, the geographic location, and even the surgeon’s experience when considering undergoing this procedure.

If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, talk to your plastic surgeon and receive a thorough breakdown of fees to help you make the best decision.

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