The Battle of Online Vs. Land-Based Casinos: How Do They Differ?

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The debate over whether online casinos have advanced over brick-and-mortar gaming establishments over time came up after the first online casino unveiled its virtual doors in 1996.

We will examine some of the most popular features of each to put this debate to rest once and for all.


The world has seen an increase in brick-and-mortar casinos over the years, and travelling around has been a lot easier thanks to better vehicles or public transportation, but when it comes to accessibility, online casinos come out on top.

You don’t need to get dressed or leave your home to enjoy playing at an online casino. You can play your favourite games for real money on any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.


Speaking of playing online, the online selection of games exceeds that of a physical location. While traditional table games and slots may be found in land-based casinos, many themed versions and brand-new games are now available online.

You can play Slingo, a combination of slots and bingo, or you can go on an adventure in the live casino, where a dealer hosts table games, giant wheels, and even direct extravaganzas modelled like game shows.


The history and design of land-based establishments outweigh those of online casinos, despite what it may seem like from our argument. Many brick-and-mortar casinos would have interesting tales to share if they could speak, having stood tall for decades or even centuries.

Land-based gaming will always be in style because of the classic furnishings, artwork, glamour, and elegance that only graphics can try to replicate online.

Casino promos

Both physical and online casinos often provide incentive programs or promotions for new and returning customers. While playing at a physical location, this could take the shape of a loyalty card. However, when playing online, welcome bonuses are more likely to take the form of free spins, for example.

You never know what you could discover, so it’s always worth looking at the promotions page while playing online to see whether your preferred land-based establishment offers a rewards program.


The social component of traditional gambling is another feature that online casinos try to imitate. You can communicate with the dealer and fellow players in real-time using the live chat option while playing at the online live casino.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll talk with someone new at an online casino unless you’re calling customer support.

When playing in a physical casino, you will be surrounded by other patrons and seated around gaming tables with croupiers of all stripes who may strike up a chat with you if you want.

Which one is the best?

With this in mind, the issue of what kind of casino is better—online or land-based—remains.

In the end, everything depends on you and your personal game preferences. You can discover that online casinos have become your preferred choice because of their accessibility, bonus features, and diversity. However, if you like playing and socializing in settings rich in history and stunning architecture, online casinos won’t do. Instead, you’ll have a better gaming experience in a physical location.

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