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Six reasons to consider a retirement community early

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Traditionally, you may think most individuals residing in retirement communities are 75 and older, but in recent years, even younger demographics have been choosing to move toward assisted living. In fact, about 7% of individuals residing in retirement communities in Canada are between the ages of 18 and 64, according to McMaster University’s Healthy Aging Research Project. With ample opportunities to enjoy a simpler, more comfortable life in an assisted living community, it’s easy to see why so many are moving.

If you’ve recently retired and are considering moving into a retirement community, you may wonder whether a significant lifestyle change is worth it.

There are many reasons why moving to a retirement home early can be beneficial, so let’s consider a few of them below. If you’re looking into the best places to retire in Canada, click this page.

You can focus on healthy aging.

Many older persons wait a few years before moving into a retirement community and often make the change only after facing a significant life change, whether a health scare or other unpredictable circumstances.

By that time, they cannot always take full advantage of all the wellness resources available at the retirement home, particularly the activities that require a lot of physical exertion.

However, moving into a retirement community in their early retirement years allows older adults to fully experience fitness classes, exercise programs, and outdoor activities. They are also better able to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals with their peers in community dining areas.

By prioritizing wellness early in retirement, older adults who previously maintained their health can continue pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle as they age. This can reduce the risk of illnesses and help older ones enjoy longer lives!

You can have more opportunities to pursue other goals.

Now that they are no longer working, new retirees can focus on things they previously didn’t have the time for, such as learning new skills, taking courses, or travelling.

However, having the care and maintenance of a house can make pursuing such goals easier for older ones. Not only is looking after a house time-consuming, but the costs of running a home may make it difficult to afford to pursue certain activities.

By moving into a retirement community, however, retirees will no longer have the responsibility or expense of maintaining their house, giving them the freedom to pursue their other interests without worry.

By moving into a retirement community early, older adults can take trips around the world, foster an artistic talent, take a college course, and enjoy many other fun activities for years to come!

You can find more community activities.

Retirement communities offer many events and activities tailored to older individuals, allowing residents to participate in everything from hosting dances and karaoke nights to wine tastings and charity events.

Many older individuals move into retirement homes due to issues with health and mobility, meaning the physical activities they once enjoyed may no longer be accessible. This change provides a great opportunity to discover a new passion or find a new way to enjoy an existing love.

Most retirement homes host events suitable for every resident, including those with physical limitations who may need help participating fully in certain activities. 

Older adults who move into a retirement community early may discover a new hobby, activity or social group they never expected to love!

You can embrace a simple lifestyle.

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons older adults move into retirement communities is to lessen the load of their responsibilities, particularly concerning chores and home maintenance.

Many older individuals may wish to forgo these responsibilities early on to focus on their wellness, spend time with family, or engage in other worthwhile pursuits. At the same time, they still feel energized enough to take full advantage of their free time.

With housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and other similar tasks out of the way, older individuals can use their newfound free time in any way they choose!

You can experience a smoother transition when moving.

While moving is often always stressful, older adults may find it even more challenging to manage when facing problems with immune health, personal mobility, cognitive function, and other issues that come with aging.

However, older adults who move into retirement communities while still in good health will have a much easier time with the move. They can ease into the process and take their time to adjust to their new lifestyle rather than feel the pressure and stress of moving in the middle of a health crisis.  

An early transition will also give family members peace of mind, knowing that while their loved one’s health is a concern for another time, they will have access to the best care possible should any problems arise.

You can enhance your social life.

After concluding their working lives, retirees may still wish to be in an environment where they can meet and befriend new people.

Therefore, one of the reasons many older adults will transition to a retirement community earlier is to share in regular association with others in their age group.

Being in a community of their peers will give older adults more chances to build connections and close friendships with those in a similar phase of life.

During meal times, recreation, or events and activities scheduled by the retirement home, older individuals can get to know their fellow residents and share in association with one another!

Final thoughts

If you’re considering moving into a retirement community early, there are many reasons why this can be a positive change in your life. As a retirement home resident, you can pass on the responsibility of home maintenance and chores to on-site staff and use your free time in any way you see fit.

Many retirees who move into retirement communities early will use that time to focus on their health and wellness, pursue active life goals such as travel, and expand their social circle by befriending fellow residents.

If this lifestyle sounds appealing, consider switching to a retirement community to make the best use of your well-deserved free time!

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