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Silvana Prince:Net Worth, Early career, Family, Personal Life

Silvana Prince

Silvana Prince also known as Silvana Torres Prince is an eminent Mexican actress, model, singer, dancer and entertainer. She was born in Heroica Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico. She celebrate her birthday on October 5 while the exact year is not revealed. However, some people think that the actress was born in 1960s or early 1970s. She has not made many public appearance that is why there isn’t much information about her, she has always maintained her privacy and kept her profile low-key.

Name Silvana Prince
Alternate Name Silvana Prins
Sex Female
Birthday 5th October
Birth place Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico
Age Unknown
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mexican
Religion Unknown
Profession Actress, Model, Singer, Dancer, Painter
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Vadhir Derbez Alejandro Gonzalex Torres
Net WorthOne Hundred Thousand USD
Profile Instagram

Early career

Silvana Prince is Mexican born in Heroica Cordoba, Veracruz, and studied interior design, modern art, flamenco, dance, singing and painting in Guadalajara which is a capitol of state of Jalisco, Mexico.

She was a famed model if we talk about her early years being a model she was a renowned fashion model and photographer.

Being a model she represent a number of companies such as Giovanni Carlo, Marcello, Vanity private samples across the Europe.

Later Career

She is popular for her outstanding work and performances in films and television shows, El Taxista queredon released in 1997, Ayudame compadre released in 1992 both of them are the essence of her career and has gain most of her fan base and fame from these films.

She has been featured in a collection of TV shows, including The Awful beauty Vidita wild, Single Dad, The comedians, Anabel, .

Silvana Prince was also a participant of Miss Jalisco 1977.

In 1987, being a singer she collaborated with several famous singers like Enrique Guzman,Raul Vale, Vicki Carr and some others.

Silvana Prince is a performer by profession. In 1987, she spent three years on a solo tour performing singing and dancing all over Mexico.

Silvana Prince Net Worth

Silvana’s estimated net worth is around One Hundred Thousand USD as of 2023. Silvana Prince is an eminent model, dancer, singer and painter.

She made a good sum from modeling and acting. She has also served as a dancer for a long time and performed in numerous cities. Additional, she is also a painter, and an entrepreneur involved in an online business of hand crafted customized phone casing and designing.

Silvana Prince family

No doubts Silvana was a famed actress and has done an amazing job in various categories. She keeps her life very private and didn’t reveal any information regarding her family’s whereabouts.

Silvana Prince Husband

Silvana Prince is unmarried and their isn’t any information regarding her love affairs or marital status. Although, she was involved with comedian and film actor Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez. They broke up in the middle 1991 there relationship lasts for four years, the reason for there break up was because Derbez cheated on silvana with another actress while she reveal in recent interview with her son that she also cheated the couple do have a son.after this affair there is no information of Silvana dating anyone.

Silvana Prince son

Silvana Prince has a son named Vadhir Derbez, Alejandro Gonzalez Torres Prince, known as Vadhir Derbez his date of birth is 18th February 1991.

Vadhir Derbez, a popular Mexican artist, musician and actor who has worked in Television, Theater, Films, Music and Netflix. He has put a remarkable input to the music  and film industry through his talent. Vadhir is very close to Silvana as compared to his dad. Silvana Prince make some public appearances with her son on his YouTube channel called Vadhir Derbez. Silvana often talk proudly about her son’s achievement’s and is appreciative of his career.

Personal information

Silvana Prince always keeps her life very private. There is not much of information about her personal life on the internet.

Her weight, height body measurements eye color hair color etc are unknown till this day.

Even she has not reveal anything about her spouse or relationships because of her very little to no presence in public settings and broad casts.

She is a native Mexican.

She is a famed artist and has bring alot to the world of art and talent through her exceptional talent in art and music.

Silvana is on instagram she has more then 58.5k followers.

Silvana Prince have Instagram and Facebook where she vends and deliver hand crafted and customized phone cases.

Though, she is inactive on social media except on instagram and Facebook where she runs her online business however, she make some appearances on broadcast with Vadhir Derbez on his YouTube channel named Vadhir Derbez with 1.21M subscribers.

While after that affair with Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez derbez , The Mexican model Silvana Prince is not married or involved in any kind of love affair till now. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her love life or marital status on any social media platforms.

Personality and personal life

Silvana has kept her personal life private and stay out of public notice, She appears less public events and broadcasts because of this. Furthermore, we don’t much information about her. She has never reveal any information about her personal life either.

Quick Facts

She was a representative for tourists ministry specifically ANAO of China Tourism.

The versatile actress has shared screen with various Mexican artists such Otto Sirgo, Margrita Gralia, Leonardo Daniel and more.

Silvana is a painter, she has been to different cities for this purpose. At present, Silvana is an artist and entrepreneur who makes hand crafted, customized mobile cases.

She has visited several different nations while working as a painter.

Her instagram account has 58.5k follower base in 2023 she take orders of customized phone covers that she makes and deliver through instagram.

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