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Rocket Ayer Williams Net Worth, Education, Carrier, Relationship

It’s no secret that Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh have one of the cutest families in Hollywood. Together, their four children—Rocket Ayer, 14, and triplets of two boys and a girl, 5—have given us some of the most adorable celebrity photos to date.

But Pharrell and Helen’s eldest son, Rocket Ayer Williams, has faced his share of struggles: from dealing with his parent’s divorce to finding his place in the world. The family has always been public about their support of Rocket, so today, we’re taking a closer look at what it was like for him growing up as the son of two superstars.

Let’s dive in and uncover some fun facts about Rocket Ayer Williams’ early life!

What We Know About Rocket Ayer Williams

Rocket Ayer Williams, the son of famous musician Pharell Williams and model Helen Lasichanh, has made a name for himself as one of the most popular young celebrities. Despite his young age, Rocket has gained a large social media following and is a budding influencer. Do you know anything about this upcoming star’s early life?

The Rocket, the eldest of his three siblings, was born in November 2008. He was named after the song “Rockets Theme,” a soundtrack written about him by his father’s shared love of music. When Rocket was four years old, his parents married in Miami Beach after eight years of dating. It was celebrated as a historic event, with numerous celebrities joining in on the celebrations.

Rocket has always been close with his father and has even shared the stage with him on various occasions.

Early Life of Ayer Williams

As a child, Ayer Williams was born into incredible wealth and privilege. After all, his father is the famous musician Pharrell Williams, and his mother is model Helen Lasichanh. They raised him in Florida, where Rocket had plenty of opportunities to explore, create, and receive a first-class education from Miami Country Day School.

Outside of school, Ayer Williams’ parents ensured he had access to music and art classes and outdoor activities like traveling and skating. Ayer Williams’ activities were so varied that it’s no surprise that he’s proven incredibly multifaceted, which makes sense since his parents are successful in their respective fields.

Education Background

When it comes to education, Rocket Ayer Williams attended New Roads School in Santa Monica. His mother, Helen Lasichanh, told People Magazine he was “a creative kid…reading books, writing stories and drawing”. 

At 7, Rocket enrolled in a fine arts program at Music Art and Dance (MAD) Academy in West Los Angeles. His father always stressed the importance of having an education that focuses on the creative side of life, and Rocket showed much potential in the music program at MAD Academy. In one of his father’s music videos, he even scored a role-playing drum.

Excelling at MAD Academy

Rocket quickly excelled at MAD Academy, mastering musical instruments like drums, piano, and guitar at eight years old. Pharrell shared with DMX Magazine that Rocket was strong on theory and composition, saying: “He can sing it out so you don’t have to tell him twice; He has a knack for it.” Even though he is considered a prodigy musician, he also likes visual arts such as photography, filmmaking, and drama classes, which only further proves how much talent this young man holds.

Relationship of Rocket Ayer Williams

It’s no surprise that Rocket Ayer Williams has parents who are superstars in their respective fields. Rocket’s father, Pharell Williams, is one of the most successful musicians in contemporary times, and his mother, Helen Lasichanh, is a model.

Although their successful careers meant the couple was often on-the-move, they built a solid foundation for their little family. Despite their busy schedules, they still devoted time to each other and their son.

When discussing his parent and husband experience, Pharrell stated: “I’m so blessed to have my wife and my child in my life.” The couple’s mutual love is evident in the way Rocket looks up to them for guidance and inspiration.

Net Worth

You may not have known that Rocket Ayer Williams is wealthy, thanks to his successful parents’ net worth. His father, Pharell Williams, is an internationally recognized musician and producer, while Helen Lasichanh is a Vietnamese-American model and fashion designer. Although Rocket is just 14 years old, he has a net worth of $ 1.5 million.

According to Celebritynetworth.com and other sources, Pharell Williams has an estimated net worth of $250 million, while Lasichanh has around $ 5 million from her modeling and design ventures. With the combined net worth of both of his parents, Rocket Ayer Williams has enjoyed some fantastic experiences in his young life.


You probably didn’t know that Rocket Ayer Williams is already making a name for himself in the business world. Although he’s only seven, Rocket is already carving out a path many adults could only dream of, and he’s doing so all alone.

A budding entrepreneur

Rocket has already co-developed his fashion line with Pharrell called “Billionaire Boys Club.” The brand debuted in 2018 at Paris Fashion Week and was met with great success among streetwear enthusiasts. However, his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there; in 2019, Rocket also launched his own production company, “TeamRocket Productions.”

So how did this young star come about such a successful career? He gives his family a lot of credit. Rocket has been surrounded by unique role models within the entertainment industry since birth and has been able to draw from their experiences to build upon his success.


At 14, Rocket Ayer Williams inspires many people, regardless of his parents’ fame. Given the challenging circumstances of his early life, he represents resiliency and strength.

His unique and inspiring story shows that no matter what environment you live in or what kind of parents you have, anyone can be successful if they put their mind and heart into it. Through Rocket’s story, we can all find motivation to follow our dreams, no matter how challenging.

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