Penetration Testing Service

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CQR is a cybersecurity company that offers a range of services to help businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks. One of their key services is penetration testing, which is a simulation of a hacker’s actions to identify vulnerabilities in both external and internal information systems.

Their penetration testing service follows a six-step process, starting with initiation and agreement, followed by reconnaissance and OSINT, threat modeling, exploitation, risk analysis and recommendations, and finally, the report.

CQR offers three types of penetration testing – black box, white box, and gray box – depending on the amount of information the client provides. They also offer external and internal penetration testing, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot testing.

In addition to penetration testing, CQR also offers an Active Directory audit using their own methodology and individual approach to building an attack plan. They have experts who are regularly certified and trained in cybersecurity and use unique methodologies and full automation to identify vulnerabilities.

CQR’s CryEye platform is a complete, automated, and multifunctional platform that manages projects and finds technical vulnerabilities in them. It covers all potential vulnerabilities that can be detected automatically, which saves time for specialists, allowing them to focus more on finding more complex vulnerabilities through manual analysis.

Overall, CQR is a cybersecurity company that is committed to helping businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks through their range of services, including penetration testing and Active Directory audit.

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