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Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley, a blend of Norwegian and American descent, was born in 1958. At a very young age he developed an interest in modeling and his favorable physical features
helped him in this regard. One of the turning points in his career was meeting Andie MacDowell.They fell in love with each other and got married in 1986. After having 3
children and living together for 13 years they got divorced in 1999. His inclination toward ranching business made him quit his modeling career. Hence he set up his ranch
business with the name “Paul Qualley ranch” in Montana.

Love Story with Andie MacDowell:

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell met on the set of a Gap fashion shoot in Santa Fe in 1985. Qualley was a model and a rancher. They hit it off and began dating and their relationship was total bliss. One Halloween, according to People, she and Paul went to a party dressed up as Romeo and Juliet. “They bounded into the living room reciting the death scene from [the play], and everyone was just in hysterics.” It was a fairytale marriage, and together, they moved to a 3,000-acre ranch in Missoula, Montana where they would often go horseback riding together. “Paul built our house with his own hands,” she told Vanity Fair in 1993. “We bought this
old log cabin, and he took all the stuff out of it. Even elks were living in it! He designed the whole thing. There were no blueprints – he just did it by instinct.”
They had three children together: Justin, Rainey and Margaret. Qualley was an ideal “Mr. Mom” type, who stayed at home to look after the children while MacDowell pursued acting. “Anybody I’d marry would have a hard time earning what I do,” the actress told Cosmopolitan in 1996. “I would not have had many choices if I’d wanted to marry someone whose income was larger than mine. She reportedly preferred to be called Rose Qualley (her full name is Rosalie Anderson MacDowell). The bucolic idyll, however, eventually grew tiresome when MacDowell began playing sexier characters. She told Movieline in 1996 that she and Paul “had
tensions […] the roles that I would have liked to have done that are very sexual give him the willies.” After eight years living the ranch life and flying out to film sets, MacDowell eventually split from Qualley in 1999. “I decided I didn’t want to grow older in the middle of nowhere among people who weren’t my family,” she told The Age in 2002. The divorce between Paul Qualley and AndieMacDowell was quite shocking because a few days before divorce they were showing affection and commitment in public.After their divorce Paul Qualley was not seen to be involved in any kind of relationship but Andie MacDowell dated many men since then. She even married a businessman named Rhett hartzog. But that marriage also didn’t work well and ended up in 2004.

Hobbies and Interests:

Paul became energetic about going in the wake of having sent off his displaying profession, and has since been from one side of the planet to the other, visiting practically every one of the US states and numerous European nations, while his fantasy travel objective is Paris, France. Paul’s an admirer of creatures, with canines and dolphins being his top choices. He has two pet canines, and has clearly given cash to various creature covers. Summer is Paul’s number one season, as he’s evidently an ardent surfer, and furthermore appreciates sun tanning at the ocean side and going yachting.

Age, Height and Net Worth:

Paul is believed to be in his mid-60s. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, his height is 5ft 8ins (1.75m), and he weighs around 155lbs (70kgs). As of March 2022, his net worth has been estimated at more than $1 million, while his former wife Andie’s net worth is reputedly over $25 million.

Present Occupation:

What could make one leave a career where he or she has already been successful for another? Well, a good number of things come to mind but if one is
not enjoying what he does even though has been successful, there is a strong chance that he is likely to leave one day. Paul Qualley, the subject of our article today, is an example of the aforementioned situation. He started as a model and he attained fame and prosperity through it but he left the profession for what he finds joy and
satisfaction in – The Ranching Business. Even though he was successful as a model, Paul Qualley never seemed to like what he was doing. He quickly concluded that he would be better suited to the contracting sector, so he left modeling to seek a career in ranching. The ranch of Paul Qualley is located in Montana. The ranch is now managed by Paul Qualley.


Paul and Andie had three children during their marriage: Justin Qualley (born in 1986), Rainey Qualley (born in 1990), and Sarah Margaret Qualley (born in 1992).
(born in 1994). Margaret and Rainey made their official acting debut at Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris, which was immortalized on The Hills and was once known as the Crillon Ball. Margaret received her first Emmy nomination for Fosse/Verdon, despite her big appearance on HBO’s The Leftovers starring Justin Theroux. She also starred alongside Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as a flower child. Margaret was a dancer long before she decided to pursue acting. She studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts and worked at the American Ballet Theater as an apprentice. She went on to work as a model and then as an actress. Margaret landed her first role in Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto in 2013, after working with large fashion firms like Chanel and Ralph Lauren, before going on toact in Netflix’s IO and Death Note.

Divorce with Andie Macdowell:

With a seemingly picture-perfect family, why did MacDowell and Paul break up? Read on to find out what drove the couple apart. As social media has taught us time and again, appearances, no matter how appealing, can be deceiving. And, from the outside, Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley’s life seemed truly idyllic. The former couple lived on a sprawling 457-acre ranch in Montana, where they spent their time renovating the house, building a barn, and raising their children (per Mansion Global). While this might sound like a rustic fantasy come to life, “The Four Weddings and a Funeral” actor eventually grew impatient with rural living. Speaking to The Age in 2002, she admitted that she “didn’t want to grow older in the middle of nowhere among people who weren’t my family.” She also expressed frustration at the perception of Qualley as a perfect “Mr. Mom” house husband, pointing out that they had nannies to help with childcare. The family moved to South Carolina to be close to MacDowell’s sister in 1998, but it did not save the marriage, with the pair divorcing one year later. Although the “Groundhog Day” actor didn’t go into detail about why they split, simply stating it was “for the usual reasons,” it seems that they faced some significant incompatibilities. Their daughter, “Maid” actor Margaret Qualley, described them as being very different, telling Metro (via Ladyfirst) that her father’s house “had no TV, no computers, no wi-fi, no microwaves,” while her mother preferred a more modern approach to life and technology.

Present Relationship with Andie Macdowell:

Andie MacDowell hasn’t made any recent comments about her first marriage, and Paul Qualley himself has largely dropped off the radar. However, the two likely had a cordial relationship, if nothing else, while raising their kids, considering that they lived within walking distance from each other at the time. Qualley actually went to great lengths to stay near the family, with daughter Margaret telling Metro (via Ladyfirst): “I grew up with my parents living three miles away from each other. My dad built a house right behind my school and would walk and bring me lunch every day to school. It was dreamy.” Although we will never know for sure, it’s unlikely that there’s any bad blood between MacDowell and Qualley. The “Town and Country” actor, who’s also divorced from her second husband Rhett Hartzog, told People in 2015 that, while splitting up is always difficult, “the sooner you can let go of any anger, the better off you are.” She ended on a positive note, adding that “there is life after divorce.” Good advice, indeed.

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