Everything You Need to Know before buying Modern Gas Hobs

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If you are renovating your kitchen or just upgrading your old gas stove, you need to choose a new gas hob. Purchasing a new gas hob requires careful consideration and research as the appliance has high utility and a long lifespan. Stoves have been used worldwide since time immemorial, but gas stoves have undergone major transformations over recent years. Modern gas hobs with clean, refined designs have replaced the bulky stoves with clunky knobs and manual operation.

Numerous types of gas stoves are available in the market, ranging from 4 burner stoves to cooking ranges. This might make decision-making difficult for you, and you may end up purchasing a stove that does not meet your requirements. Thus, you should consider several factors before choosing a gas stove for your home. We explore the important ones below.

Number of Burners

The first thing you should ascertain about your new gas hob is the number of burners you need. The number of burners in a stove can range from one to five. Note that installing a gas stove with more burners needs a larger space. A 4 burner stove requires more depth, whereas a three burner one is longer. Measuring the available space before purchasing a stove is a good idea.

Additionally, you should determine your cooking requirements in terms of family size and the number of food items you will need to cook simultaneously. Multitasking during cooking decreases the time you spend completing the tasks. Typically, small families of 2-4 members require a stove with 2 or 3 burners, whereas larger families require a stove with 4 or more burners. Lastly, the size of utensils you will use is another factor, and it might be worth considering if they will all fit together on the 4 burners. You can also choose from cooking ranges as they come equipped with an oven along with a stovetop.

Size of the Burners

While many assume that all burners produce the same flame size, that is not always the case. When purchasing a big, 4 burner gas stove, check all the options available in the category. There are models which offer differently sized burners. For example, some 3 burner models come with two large flames and one small flame. Thus, you must check the details and choose a stove that suits your cooking habits.

Another factor that you should note is the distance between burners. If you purchase a 3 burner stove with less space among the burners, you might not be able to use large utensils simultaneously. Hence, ensure that the distance between the burners is enough to satiate your needs.

Automatic Ignition

Once you have ascertained the number and size of burners you need, it is time to decide whether or not you want automatic ignition. Automatic ignition has been one of the most notable innovations in modern gas stoves. Without automatic ignition, lighting up a burner requires using the lighter trigger repeatedly. The models with automatic ignition need a simple rotation of the dial and the stove fires up. This might increase your budget, but it offers a high degree of convenience for a long time.

Build Material

Another important consideration is the material of burners and the stovetop. In the case of burners, you can choose from aluminium burners and brass burners. Aluminium alloy burners are the traditional burners that have been used for years. They are more affordable but are more prone to corrosion than their brass counterparts. They heat quickly, cool faster but tend to deform over time. Thus, they have a shorter lifespan and demand frequent maintenance.

On the other hand, brass burners are the newer kind of burners that can withstand any weather condition. They have a long lifespan and are easy to use and maintain. Brass burners have broad applicability, but they cost more.

Secondly, you need to decide the material of your stovetop. You could opt for the basic stainless steel design, which is economical but lacks a visual appeal. Modern gas stoves come with ceramic or toughened glass construction. Not only do they have a more refined aesthetic, but they are also easier to clean and maintain.

In conclusion, you must think through every aspect before choosing your preferred gas stove. The factors that need to be considered include the number of burners, size of burners and space between burners. Ascertaining these aspects will ensure that you get the perfect gas stove for your kitchen. Furthermore, you must also consider the material of burners, the material of the stovetop and whether or not you need automatic ignition.

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