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Mari Hakuta: The Untold Truth  About Ali Wong’s Daughter 

Who is Mari Hakuta?

Mari Hakuta is a popular child because of being the daughter of Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta. She has a Scorpion horoscope and was born in November 2015. Mari is an American citizen with a mixed ethnic background. In this article, you are going to read about the personal life, family background, body measurements, education, social media presence and net worth related to Mari Hakuta. So, before we begin, let’s have a bird’s eye view on her profile.

Early Life
Full NameMari Hakuta
Zodiac SignScorpio
Date of BirthNovember 2015
Marital statusSingle
Famous forAli Wong’s Daughter 
Name of FatherJustin Hakuta
Name of MotherAli Wong
Number of SiblingsNikki Hakuta ( Sister)
Hair color

Mari Hakuta: Early & Personal life

If you want to be aware about the early life & family background of Mari Hakuta. Then, we’ve discussed it in the following.

As you have some idea, Mari Hakuta is an elder child of Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta, with a little sibling named Nikki Hakuta. She was born in November 2015 in her homeland, Los Angeles, California, a region present in the United States. Her father ,Justin Hakuta, is a successful businessman and holds his roots in Filipino-Japanese citizenship . On the other hand ,Ali Wong, is a well-known film artist, a writer and stand-up comedian as well. So technically, Mari is also considered to have ancestries of both Filipino & Japanese origin. 

Mari Hakuta:Family &  Academic Background

If you want to be aware about the academic background of Mari Hakuta. Then, we’ve discussed it in the following.

In recent times, Mari Hakuta is supposed to be in an elementary school, most probably in a nursery or preschool department. Coming forward ,Ali Wong, whose original name is Alexandra Dawn has been pursuing her career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian and actor. She is a 41 years old woman and her flourishing career now lasts for 18 years and continues ahead. 

On the other side, Justin Hakuta gained his popularity due to marrying Ali Wong. Moreover, he has also conquered his name in the business world and has a mixture of Filipino & Japanese. Both of the spouses met in 2010 in California at a common friend’s wedding.They became close and started dating, hence got married in November 2014 at San Francisco. They made a very good couple but unfortunately departed for some reason. 

Mari Hakuta: Relationship Status

If you want to be aware about the romantic life & dating period of Mari Hakuta. Then, we’ve discussed it in the following.

Mari Hakuta is too young to be indulged in any sort of relationship stuff as she is just a teenager. Besides that, she is currently a preschool student and has been enjoying her childhood period joyfully. 

Mari Hakuta: Net Worth and Career

If you want to be aware about the professional career & network of Mari Hakuta. Then, we’ve discussed it in the following.

Being a younger kid of a public personality, Mari Hakuta is honored to be spending her life with a complete set of luxuries around. Alexandra Dawn owns a good income of net worth around $4.5 million respectively. Both of her parents make sure to give their children the best lifestyle. His father, who is also a chief member of a multinational software company called “GoodRx”, earns well in his profession. 

Mari Hakuta: Social Media presence

If you want to be aware about the activity of Mari Hakuta on social media platforms. Then, we’ve discussed it in the following.

Regarding her appearance on social media platforms, the parents of Mari Hakuta are doing their best to not put her personal life as much on social media, as she is too young to be a part of this network. Nevertheless, Ali Wong made her appearance on social media at times, but they prefer to refrain their daughter from it to avoid any sort of controversies and judgmental views of antagonists.

Mari Hakuta: Conclusion

Mari Hakuta is a first born daughter of a highly popular celebrity  Alexandra Dawn known as Ali Wong, a leading actress in the international media industry. Her husband ,Justin Hakuta, has also been an established businessman along with a mixed ethnicity. That’s why Mari Hakuta also bear a blend of both cultures (Filipino-Japanese), although they have been living in the United States from the beginning. 

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