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Definition and  History of Literature & Latte

Literature & Latte is an innovative software and app development company founded in 2006. They specialize in creating high-quality writing tools for writers of all ages and skill levels. Their main product, Scrivener, is a powerful content management system that helps writers organize their ideas and get their manuscripts ready for publication. With a wide variety of features designed to take the hassle out of writing, Literature & Latte has become one of the premier software companies for authors around the world. From creating outlines to formatting manuscripts for Kindle or other digital formats, Literature & Latte has something for everyone looking to simplify their creative process.

Features: Writing Tools, Markdown Support and Cloud Syncing and Backup Options

Writing tools are essential for any author, editor, or content creator. Nowadays, there is a wide range of options available to support different writing styles and formats. Among these is Markdown support—a markup language that can be used to format text quickly and easily. Additionally, cloud syncing and backup options allow users to save their work in the cloud for convenient access from anywhere. Chekhov’s gun refers to a literary device in which an object or element is introduced early on in a story but only becomes significant later on.In this article, we’ll explore the features of some popular writing tools that offer both Markdown support and cloud syncing and backup options. 

Writing Tools with Markdown Support

Markdown is a popular markup language used by many writers to quickly format text without having to use HTML tags or complex formatting menus. Many writing tools offer integrated Markdown support so users can quickly apply basic formatting such as bolding, italicizing, or adding links without having to manually enter HTML tags each time they want to do so. Here are some popular writing tools with built-in markdown support: 

• Ulysses– Ulysses offers an intuitive user interface designed specifically for writers who want an easy way to write without the hassle of manual formatting. It has full markdown support as well as other helpful features like auto-saving drafts and builds.


Writing is a complex process that requires organization, collaboration, and time management. For many businesses and organizations, writing can be a daunting task that requires tedious tracking of drafts, notes, and other materials. Fortunately, with the help of streamlined writing processes and improved organization and collaboration tools available today, the writing process can be easier to manage. 

Streamlined Writing Processes

The use of streamlined writing processes helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to write an article or document from start to finish. By implementing automated workflows for common tasks such as drafting, editing, revisions and finalizing documents these processes are made much more efficient. Automated tools also provide a uniform structure for all documents created which reduces the need for manual formatting each time a new piece is written. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects as well as track progress along every step of the way without having to re-enter information manually into multiple places. 

Improved Organization And Collaboration Tools 

Organization is key when it comes to effective team collaboration on written pieces such as articles or reports. Improved organization tools allow teams to easily store documents in one central location so they can be accessed quickly by all members involved in the project no matter their location or device used. 

Pricing and Platforms Available

When it comes to selling products or services, price and platform are two of the most important factors to consider. Price has a direct impact on the profitability of your business, while the right platform can help you reach more customers and increase sales. Understanding pricing and platforms available is essential for any successful business venture.

First, let’s look at pricing. The key to setting a good price is understanding your target market and what they’re willing to pay for your product or service. You need to consider factors such as costs associated with production and delivery, competitor prices, value offered by your product or service compared to other options in the market, etc., before deciding on a final price point for your items. Additionally, you should be open to changing prices based on customer demand so that you can remain competitive in the marketplace. 

Next let’s look at platforms available for selling products or services online today. The most popular platform is eCommerce stores such as Amazon or eBay which allow businesses to create their own web storefronts from which customers can purchase their items directly from them online with minimal effort required from them. 


Literature & Latte is a great resource for anyone looking to up their writing game. It offers a variety of helpful tools and features that make it easy for writers of all levels to take their work to the next level. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist or just someone who wants to get better at writing, Literature & Latte has something for everyone.

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