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How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move


Are you looking to make a long distance move? While there’s no way for any move to be completely stress-free, with just a bit of planning and some help from the professionals at United Van Lines, your move can go as smoothly as possible.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know before you hire a local removals Gold Coast  and how to prepare for your move beforehand. We also have tips for moving day as well as tips for your new life once you arrive.

Just follow along with these moving tips and get ready for the next chapter in your life.

Choose Your Transportation Method

The most common methods for long distance moves are by car, moving truck, train, or plane. If you are moving with a lot of belongings and furniture, renting a truck may be the most convenient and cost-effective. It will also allow you to control your belongings yourself for sydney cheap removalists.

If you are going to travel with a smaller amount or prefer to have someone else handle the transportation, it may be more economical to take a train or plane. Moving containers are also a great option, as they can be shipped directly to your new destination. 

Create a Moving Plan & Set a Budget

Start by creating a timeline for all the tasks that will need to be completed. This should include the following: 

  • packing
  • finding transportation
  • preparing your new home

Set a realistic budget for each task. This should take into account the cost of renting a truck, the cost of packing supplies, the cost of hiring a professional moving company, and other related expenses.

Try to create a loose timeline for when tasks should be completed. This will help keep you organized and on track with your move. Find resources to help you save money on the move. For example, you can have family or friends help you with packing or loading, and unloading a truck. 

Consider Hiring a Removalist

Removalists provide a great service that saves time and stress. Removalists can help with packing, shipping, storage, and insurance of your belongings. When researching removalists, consider their rates, reputation, reviews, and credentials.

Make sure to get instant quote for removals from at least 3 different companies. This allows you to compare and make sure the company is licensed and their vans are equipped with sat-navs for accurate delivery times. Speak to others who have moved with the same company and ask for photos of the vans. 

Prepare & Protect Your Valuables

Make sure to pack all of your valuables in either plastic or cardboard boxes and tape them securely shut. Place fragile or heavy objects at the bottom and fill any empty space with packing materials. Consider placing items of monetary or sentimental value in a safe when you pack for a move.

Make sure to label any boxes that contain fragile or valuable items so that they are not confused with regular household items. It might also be beneficial to ensure any important items through a moving or shipping company to protect yourself in the event something breaks or is lost. 

Plan Ahead When You’re Thinking About a Long Distance Move

Moving is stressful, but preparing for a long distance move can help make it easier. Planning ahead will help make your move smoother and more budget-friendly.

Research ahead of time, create a timeline for yourself, utilize organization techniques, and only keep items that have a purpose. Get started today and get to packing!

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