How to Be Fashionable: 8 Great Tips for Women


Do you want to improve your style but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have trouble finding something you like or can’t grasp the trends. Either way, you want to keep in mind a couple of tips.

What counts as good fashion varies from time to time. But even when it changes, there are always a few styles that never get old. That’s something most fashion icons have in common.

If you want to learn how to be fashionable, try these eight tips!

1. Know Your Style

Women’s style trends change often, so there’s not much point in sticking to seasonal clothing. Instead, you want to develop a fashion sense that lasts you a while and works across seasons.

Knowing your style is the key, but how can you make it work? It starts with what you like. Think of pieces and designs you find attractive and make you feel confident. You can work your way up from there!

Once you have an established sense, it’s easier to build outfits you enjoy wearing, no matter how loud or simple they look to others.

2. Maintain Balance

Many stylish women pull off almost any outfit by finding the right balance. When you lay out your outfits, make sure all your pieces complement each other.

For example, if you’re wearing a tight shirt, pair it with loose jeans. If you’re wearing a midi-skirt, put on heels. Although they feel subtle, they can make a big difference to how your outfit ties together.

It’s also good to take note of colors. Go for monochrome themes or pair clothing colors based on the color wheel! It means choosing between harmonious tones, complementary shades, or neutrals.

3. Invest in Quality

Some people might feel like changing their entire wardrobe when they change their style. But you don’t always have to do so.

Many recommend investing in quality when buying new clothes. This way, you have more clothes you will likely wear even in the coming years or when you change your style again.

Build your wardrobe around a style you like and pick out pieces that match other seasons. If it’s summer, you can check here for where to buy floral tops. But when you pick a pattern, stick to something you can wear for an extra season or two.

4. Use Accessories

Accessories are one of the best ways to elevate your outfit and add character. It’s also one of the simplest fashion tips to look more fashionable.

Your accessories don’t always have to be the grandest watches or shiniest rings. Sometimes, they can be a simple belt, a layered necklace, or even a sunhat.

Think of them as the finishing touch to your outfit, so they should be in with the theme. But rather than making them the center of attention, you put them on to complement the entire picture.

5. Keep Timeless Styles

One tip many stylish women follow until this day is to keep timeless pieces. It means sticking to the classics without worrying that you might have to get rid of them when it goes out of style later.

For example, instead of going for a loud-printed dress, get a dress in a unique color with a classic silhouette. But note that this doesn’t always mean you should avoid existing trends.

Sometimes, it all depends on how you showcase those pieces. If you can make them work, even after the trend passes, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. If you feel confident in your style, everyone around you will likely think the same way about you!

6. Own Statement Pieces

If you aren’t fond of accessorizing, consider owning a couple of statement pieces instead. It’s anything you add to your outfit that acts as the main point. So, you could put on unique shoes or an uncommon bag.

Not all your outfits need to have a statement piece. But when you feel like your outfit isn’t exactly popping, it’s good to have a few options to choose from.

Your statement piece could be your way of expression if you aren’t comfortable doing so with your outfits. Some also suggest choosing them based on what fits your style rather than specific fits. This way, you can use it with lots of clothing combinations.

7. Find What Fits You

One of the best fashion tips you can get is to know your body type. It’s different for everyone, so specific kinds of clothes will complement your body shape more than others will. Likewise, you might find some styles fail to highlight your shape.

When you know and understand your body type, you can find clothes and put together outfits that focus on emphasizing your figure. This way, it gives the illusion that anything you wear looks great!

Knowing what clothes fit you also allows you to try different types of expression through your clothes. At the same time, it can boost your confidence when you try styles beyond your comfort zone.

8. Organize Your Outfits

Not everyone can put together a great outfit in just seconds. If you want to learn how to be stylish, practice organizing your clothes.

It means decluttering your wardrobe, putting together similar clothes, and separating them by color. You might also want to set aside the pieces you wear very often or can use easily pair with the rest of your clothes. This way, you take less time to find them later.

Organizing your clothes reduces how long you spend choosing an outfit. It also eliminates your “nothing to wear” moments since everything is right in front of you.

Learn How to Be Fashionable With These Tips

Everyone has their unique style, but it’s not always enough if you want to learn how to be fashionable. You should know your way around a good outfit and understand how it complements you. After all, fashion is always best when you wear it well.

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