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How long does maintenance free decking last?

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Maintenance free decking is a great way to have an attractive, durable deck without having to worry about maintenance. Unfortunately, not all composite decking are created equal. Some of them may fade or even fade after being installed for a few years. If you’re on the fence about whether or not maintenance free decking is right for your needs, here’s everything you need to know about its lifespan and benefits.

What is maintenance free decking?

Maintenance-free decking is a type of wood decking that does not require any maintenance. It’s made from composite materials, which are usually made from recycled plastics and wood fibers. Maintenance-free decks can be used on patios, porches and other outdoor areas where you don’t have to worry about the care of your investment.

The composite material used in this type of decking makes it stronger than other types of wood alternatives like pressure treated lumber or cedar shakes because they have multiple layers that interlock when placed together on top of each other. This means that if one layer breaks off while installing your new porch or patio then there won’t be any major structural damage done to either structure because all parts will still connect together tightly enough so as not let anything break through easily.

Does maintenance free decking fade?

Maintenance free decking is made from a synthetic material. This means that it’s not affected by UV light, moisture or temperature. Maintenance free decking also doesn’t attract bugs like wood does.

What is the life expectancy of maintenance free decking?

The life expectancy of maintenance free boards depends on their type:

  • Pressure-treated wood is resistant to decay from mildew, moss, algae and other environmental factors that can cause rot in regular untreated woods like redwood or cedar; this makes it ideal for areas where water may seep into your structure through cracks or gaps around windows or doors. However, pressure treated wood does require regular sealing off against moisture penetration; this task should be done yearly if possible.
  • Non-pressure treated wood can also withstand decay caused by mold growth but won’t last as long due to its porous nature—so choose wisely based on what kind of environment you live in!

Is maintenance free decking fireproof?

Maintenance free decking can be damaged by fire, but there’s no such thing as a fireproof material. If your maintenance free decking gets damaged by a fire and you need to replace it, Maintenance-free decking is designed for long-lasting beauty and durability in all weather conditions. Because it never needs painting or staining, this type of wood is perfect for exterior use because it won’t fade over time like traditional painted surfaces do (although they still might). 

Maintenance-free decks are made from pressure-treated lumber that has been treated with chemicals specifically formulated for outdoor use (which means they’re safe). If left untreated like other types, too much water pressure could cause rot within 30 days so keep an eye out on any spots where moisture appears around cracks inside joints between planks


Maintenance free decking is one of the most popular options for decking. It’s easy to install, looks great and lasts a long time. But it can still get damaged or need to be replaced.

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