From Prescription to Freedom: How a Marijuana Card Can Transform Your Wellness Journey

Marijuana laws have become less strict in the last couple of years as many have seen the benefits this plant may have on human health. However, in some countries, there are still strict laws regulating the use of this specific product for medical treatments. On the other hand, there are some new regulations that suggest that patients owning CBD cards may have certain benefits, and these may range from being among the first ones to take prescribed marijuana CBD to being legally protected for its use. Inspired by this topic, we have decided to provide you with some more details on how holding a marijuana ID can be beneficial for your wellness journey. 

You Will Suddenly Become a Priority 

One of the greatest benefits of owning this card is that, at some point, you will become a sort of priority. This means that you will no longer have to wait for your CBD products and that you will always have priority when accessing them. This is especially important in moments when the market faces a shortage. In these scenarios, medical patients can jump to the front of the line in dispensaries and obtain their marijuana products. By issuing this card, lawmakers make sure that patients can receive their medications even when there is a low supply of the product. This was especially important during COVID-19 as the pandemic kept dispensaries open as they were regarded as essential businesses. 

Legal Protection 

A medical cannabis card allows you to buy, consume, and possess cannabis legally. However, you need to be prepared to verify your qualifications. It is similar to a driver’s license. You’ll need your card so you can legally participate in the marketplace. If you fail to have your ID nearby, you may face some legal consequences, which can vary widely depending on your state. In states such as Florida, individuals may be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for possessing cannabis without having their medical cards in their hands. On the other hand, in Michigan, authorities can even prosecute those who are in possession of cannabis without their Marijuana ID. To obtain your medical marijuana ID, you may even apply online, and medical marijuana is legal in almost all states. For instance, you can fill out the medical marijuanas card in Mississippi by simply leaving your basic personal details online. Since medical marijuana is legal in this state, it will not present you with too much hassle.  

Lower Costs  

Legal cannabis can be quite expensive, especially in the recreational market. For medical patients, the yearly medical marijuana card costs are related to the higher tax rate in certain states, which may also add to the price burden. Adult consumers are typically the subject of two or three tires of taxes applied on their purchases of cannabis. Depending on the state and the laws, markets can tax cannabis based on the amount purchased, type of product, THC potency, and some other additional parameters. Luckily, in case you want to find out more about the taxes you need to pay to the country, there is a detailed breakdown of the tax codes for every country separately. However, the fact that you perhaps did not know is that medical cannabis patients can avoid this tax burden by saving at least 5-10% and even 35% in some states on every purchase. To be more specific, several states have completely exempted the medical market from paying taxes as users of these products are using them for medical purposes and not for relaxation. 

Higher Potency 

Physicians may prescribe higher doses of cannabis to medical cardholders who show the need for more substantial medicine. If an adult consumer wants to apply a more substantial dose of cannabis, they will most likely need to buy more products, which can drive the costs up. This was not always the case with medical consumers, who are often granted higher purchasing allotments and can even buy products with higher concentrations that are specifically made for medical consumers. In addition, depending on the state law, these products may have much higher doses of THC per package, and this dose can be found at recreational dispensaries. For instance, high-potency vapes and edibles can contain much higher doses of THC for medical patients, with potencies ranging from 50% to 90%. 

Increased Purchase Limits

Besides higher potency products, there are also some medical patients who can typically buy much larger amounts of cannabis when compared to buyers who are buying for recreational purposes. By using this rule, patients can stock up and make sure that they have the medicine that is needed to address their medical condition and that they will be able to get it on time. For example, in Arizona, there is a law regulating how much buyers can get. Namely, they can buy up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis at a time, while recreational cannabis users can only purchase one ounce. Since every state has different rules, you will need to understand what each state allows before you decide to make purchases. 

Higher Possession Limits 

Patients who have their Marijuana IDs are allowed to own up to a 60-day supply of cannabis, as defined by their medical supporter. The amount of cannabis that is recommended is usually high enough so that patients are allowed to possess and use more cannabis when compared to recreational consumers. On the other hand, this may entirely depend on the amount prescribed by your physician and your certification, so you should check your limits first and speak to the medical supervisor in case the prescribed amount of cannabis is not enough for your needs. It is recommended to never possess more than three ounces of flower at a time unless this is specifically allowed by your certification. Otherwise, consumers who violate this law may face some very bad penalties, such as steep criminal penalties. For instance, in New York, recreational cannabis users who possess more than 8 ounces of flower are subject to a Class E felony charge, and they will face jail and fines up to $5,000. 

Cannabis ID is a special form of a card that ensures you a lot of benefits and puts you in the category of priorities when you are handling your cannabis intake. Truth be told, if your general health depends on cannabis intake, it is very necessary for you to apply for this form of card so you can ensure your long-term well-being.

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