Great reasons to start wearing a medical alert pendant

medical alert pendant

You consider yourself to have a good life, as you enter your eightieth decade. You married the woman of your dreams and brought up two adorable children who have produced grandkids that you dote upon.

However, a year ago, your dear wife lost her battle against illness and you now find yourself alone. The family comes round to see you regularly and you get to the local club to catch up with friends. But you are not as fit as you once were, with your eldest daughter concerned about your health. Finally, she managed to persuade you to purchase from a leading health service, arguably the best medical alert pendant Australia has to offer. There are several good reasons why she and the rest of the family are keen for you to have done so.

A medical alert pendant is a small device that is worn like a necklace with a lanyard or chain. You are given a base station, which is positioned in a convenient location in the home where can be reached during an emergency. A signal is automatically sent when the SOS button is activated from where the team in the monitoring centre will assess whether the best course of action is to contact your registered relatives or the emergency services.

  • Living alone offers you an independence that you don’t want to lose, but it comes with some perils. What happens if you suffer an accident of some kind, have a medical emergency which can happen in the latter years of someone’s life, or the trauma of a break in. Having an alert pendant allows you to raise an alarm so that help will soon be at hand. Maybe you might consider practising some tai chi movements to help prevent your joints stiffening up to prevent injury.
  • You had a stumble when visiting a grandkid a few weeks ago, so naturally they told their mum who wants peace of mind that you are safe in your own home. Should you suffer a fall when alone, they want to make sure that you will not be left stranded with nobody knowing.
  • Your doctor was a little bit concerned about your blood pressure when you visited her, and while some of that might be explained by your bereavement, it’s a great idea to have the pendant with existing medical conditions.
  • Your independence is paramount as a proud man. You have a friend who now has friends and relatives having to check on him every day, which has led to a change in his personality. He feels smothered and become short tempered. Wearing the pendant is a great way to stay free. You might even consider starting to play bowls to stay active. 

The purchase of a medical alert pendant from a company with years of experience in the health industry is the perfect way to feel safe if you have sudden accidents and health issues. Your relatives can rest easy knowing that you are safe while you retain your independence.

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