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Emergency Tradesmen: 5 Numbers You Must Keep in Your Phone

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At some point or another, we will all face an emergency home repair that requires calling out a professional tradesman. From burst pipes to locked out vehicles, these situations arise when we least expect them. Having the right emergency contacts programmed into your mobile could save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress when disaster strikes.

Here are the top 5 tradesmen numbers UK homeowners should keep handy:


Reliable 24-hour plumbers are worth their weight in gold when you have water pouring where it shouldn’t be. Common plumbing emergencies include burst pipes, overflowing toilets, drainage blockages and shower malfunctions. Expert emergency plumbers have the tools and expertise to quickly stop leaks and flooding, preventing costly water damage and mould problems. Save yourself panic and property damage by keeping an experienced 24/7 plumber on speed dial.


Electrical emergencies have the potential to rapidly escalate into fire risks that threaten home and safety. Faulty wiring, power outages, and appliance malfunctions require the prompt attention of licensed electricians. They can troubleshoot circuits, replace faulty parts, restore power, and confirm that your electrics operate safely. Don’t take chances when it comes to electricity in your home. Program an emergency electrician into contacts right away.


Finding yourself locked out of home or vehicle can completely derail your day and leave you stranded. Emergency locksmiths like Curley Locks, a 24 hour Cardiff locksmith, specialise in fast emergency access. Whether you’ve lost car keys, had your handbag stolen, or locked yourself out after taking rubbish bins out, an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff and throughout the UK can gain entry through non-destructive methods. They carry a full range of equipment and skills to rescue access emergencies both residential and automotive.


Breaking down by the roadside is every driver’s nightmare. Yet engines can seize up and tyre blowouts happen when we least expect them. Keep yourself covered with an emergency mechanic’s number saved for such events. Mobile mechanics can perform roadside evaluations and repairs to diagnose and fix most mechanical problems. Having access to rapid assistance will get you back on the road promptly, often without requiring an expensive tow.

Gas Heating Engineer

When temperatures take a plunge outside, a dysfunctional boiler or heating system can become life-threatening for households. Young children, elderly, and pets are especially vulnerable in homes suddenly experiencing cold, heat and hot water loss. 24-hour heating engineers have the parts, tools and troubleshooting capabilities to restore warmth and prevent frozen pipe damage during any season. Don’t take chances and let family suffer without heat for long this winter – save an emergency heating company’s information in your mobile contacts now.

Emergencies happen, but preparation makes all the difference in response time, costs, and consequences. Program essential tradesmen numbers into phones for everyone in your household today. Accidents and system failures in plumbing, electrics, locks, vehicles, and heating don’t wait for business hours. Arm yourself with capable 24/7 tradesmen ready to rapidly respond any time disaster strikes your property.

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