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We all know the importance of immediate attention during medical emergencies and usually stay prepared for them, at least to some extent. Dental emergencies, however, are often ignored and won’t come to your mind until you have one. Several hospitals would come to your mind at the mention of a cardiac or orthopedic emergency, but how many 24/7 emergency dental clinics can you think of?

It makes sense to stay aware of the best dental clinics in Jersey City, NJ that offer emergency dental care. Ultimately, we never know when a dental emergency might strike. Let’s better understand emergency dentistry and check out some of the top clinics for it in Jersey City.

What is emergency dentistry?

Generally speaking, a dental problem that causes severe symptoms and needs immediate medical attention constitutes a dental emergency. It could be a severe life-threatening infection or something as simple as broken or chipped teeth. Even if the condition isn’t as severe, it’s not uncommon for dental pain to become unbearable. Emergency dentistry involves the treatment of such dental emergencies with the necessary urgency.

So, you might wonder what makes emergency dentistry different from regular dental care. After all, the dentists and the treatment procedures are the same, right? The main difference lies in the immediacy with which you can avail emergency dental care.

Visiting a dentist on a regular appointment may require you to wait behind other patients, and you might not even get an appointment on the same day. On the other hand, an emergency dental clinic allows you to skip the queues and get an immediate appointment with a dentist 24 X 7. Regardless of whether you have a dental emergency in the middle of the night or at a time when dentists have packed schedules, you can consult an emergency dentist.

Do you need emergency dental care for non-urgent dental problems?

Some dental problems like dental abscess, severe toothache, or knocked-out teeth are clearly dental emergencies, and you should visit an emergency dental clinic. These are usually accompanied by excruciating pain, constant bleeding, and other symptoms that need to be controlled quickly. Now, what of seemingly non-urgent problems like a small crack in a tooth or having food stuck between the teeth?

Well, these may count as dental emergencies, too, considering what might happen if they don’t receive immediate attention. That food debris, for instance, can pierce deep into your gum and become extremely hard to remove, not to mention the long-lasting pain it would cause. Timely dental care can save you from much more expensive and drastic dental procedures.

5 top emergency dental care services in Jersey City, New Jersey

By now, you might be wondering where to go in case of a dental emergency. Not every reputed dental clinic is open round-the-clock and offers emergency services. On the other hand, not all emergency dental clinics are equally reliable. Without further ado, let’s look at the five best emergency dental care services in Jersey City.

1.   Teledentistry

Teledentistry is hands down your best option during a dental emergency. In fact, they happen to be the world’s largest provider of online dental care services. What sets them apart from other emergency dental services is the fact that you can consult your emergency dentist right from your home. Teledentistry offers emergency dental consultations throughout Jersey City and can set up an immediate appointment for you.

Moreover, they would even refer you to a dentist near you for in-person consultations and forward your prescription to a nearby medical store. Teledentistry’s services are covered by most insurance providers, which will help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

2.   Midtown Dental Group

This is a group of dental clinics you may visit during dental emergencies. Midtown Dental Group has a fairly good reputation, with thousands of 5-star reviews. Thanks to the adequate number of experienced dentists, there’s zero wait time during emergencies. However, the problem is that while they’re present at 9 different locations, only one of their clinics is in Jersey City. It might be harder to reach if you live in a relatively faraway corner of the city, especially during rush hours.

3.   Emergency Dentists USA

Like Teledentistry, Emergency Dentists USA can also help you find a nearby dentist for emergency dental care. They have a 24-hour-open hotline that you may call to find your nearest emergency dentist. This dental care service can help you find suitable clinics and dentists for various dental problems and their respective treatment procedures.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide the online consultation that you could get from Teledentistry. This means you’ll still have to visit a dentist in person, which would take some time.

4.   Lotus Smiles

Located on Marine Blvd Road, Lotus Smiles is a dental clinic offering emergency dentist appointments. You may visit this clinic for a variety of dental emergencies, ranging from something sticking between your teeth to a broken jaw. Lotus Smiles accepts most of the major PPO dental insurance plans. They have a special emergency phone number you can call in case of a dental emergency outside of their office hours. In such situations, an on-call staff member will help you out.

5.   AV Dental

Lastly, you may also visit AV Dental during a dental emergency. This Jersey City dental clinic offers same-day emergency appointments and will help you get the necessary medical attention as soon as possible. They have a reputation for being transparent about the costs and helping patients explore different ways to lower their out-of-pocket expenses. AV Dental works closely with several of the PPO dental insurance providers, which means the treatment will likely be covered by your insurance plan.


Out of the five dental care services described above, Teledentistry is the best choice. After all, a dental emergency calls for an immediate consultation with a dentist, and that’s what they offer. Once a dentist has prescribed preliminary treatment and medication to control the symptoms, you visit a recommended dental clinic in person for further treatment.

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