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Dan Pena

Dan Pena is a trillion-dollar businessman. One must have seen him in YouTube videos. His motivational speeches inspired millions of new-generation kids to see dreams and also to pursue them. A boy who had an aimless, disturbed childhood becomes an inspiration to many. The trillionaire himself coaches others on the way to becoming one. Dan Pena is a high-performance executive business success coach and is also a QLA founder. Dan Pena, famously known as “the trillion dollar man”, is the CEO of not only one but many big corporations. Keep on reading to know more about this simple boy who became a trillion dollar man and an inspiration to many.

Net worth

Dan Pena’s net worth is $450 million. His source of income is his oil industry. He is the President of Great Western Resources. He is also the founder and CEO of the Guthrie Group. He gives mentorship and leads the budding investors to earn a wealthy career. He also runs podcasts and a YouTube challenge. He bags millions of views with every single motivational video he makes.

Bio, Nationality, Height,weight

Daniel Steven Pena Sr. was born on August 10th, 1945. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. Dan Pena is half Mexican and half American. He belongs to American nationality. He was born and brought up by his parents, namely Manual Pena and Amy Pena. Dan Pena follows the Christian religion. His height is 6 feet 3 inches. His body count is about 300 pounds. The 76-year-old man is married with 3 children. The trillion dollar man, at present, is enjoying his life with his family in a castle. Yes, it’s a real castle exactly similar to Disney movies. Guthrie Castle is situated in Angus, Scotland. Dan Pena bought it in 1984 and the castle is about 500 years old. Dan Pena takes care of his several businesses right from this exotic castle. It has been estimated that the Worth of Dan Pena’s castle will be more than $25 million.

Early Life

Dan Pena spent his early life in East Los Angeles, California. He was not at all an organised man in his childhood. He was completely the opposite of what he is today. The well organised, well-behaved trillionaires were expelled from school not only once but thrice. He was among those kids in schools who received regular punishment and parents called. In those years, he also got involved in many bad companies. He got arrested like five times because of drinking and driving. In his interviews, he said that he was not trying to brag about these incidents or that he was proud of his deeds. He is quite vocal about his mistakes and doesn’t feel ashamed to share them.

Dan Pena also shared that once he tried to throw an aquarium at his teacher from the school building and it landed just a few inches away from her head. The teacher would have been dead if it hadn’t gone like that. That time, he wasn’t just expelled from school, but from the whole district. Later, Dan Pena decided to change his life when he joined the US army. The US army training moulded him into a disciplined and confident person. He completed his graduation from San Fernando Valley State College School of Business Administration and Economics with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.


Dan Pena initially worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street. Soon, he became the president of the Great Western Resource oil company. Later, he founded and became the CEO of the Guthrie Group. The company is named after his castle. Dan Pena invested about $820 in Great Western Resource; the company’s turnover is about 450 million dollars in the next 8 years. He made the company so successful that it started earning in the millions, which is much more than what was invested. After earning success in great Western resources, he gave his total focus to building his other company, the Guthrie Group, which was established in 1997. The 76-year-old man is still working on it as a CEO and making it bigger and better with every passing day.

Family and Marriage

Dan Pena is married to Selly Hall and they have three children together: Kelly Pena, Danny Pena, and Danny Pena. Dan is not that vocal about his wife, so there is not much information about her. He prefers to keep it private. Since it’s about his family, we have to mention that his father was a lieutenant commander in the Second World War and in the Korean War. Later, his father became a CIA agent. Due to his bad habits and his rude behaviour, his father was very indifferent about him. His father used to think that it would be enough if he was just alive; he never thought that he would become successful or that he could ever change life for the better. There was no one to believe him, so he believed in himself and challenged himself. Dan’s father was a high-profile cop, so it must be his father who inspired him to join the US army.

Dan Pena’s speech

Dan Pena is a trillionaire but is more famous for being a motivational YouTube speaker. Millions of young people are inspired by his speeches to change their lives in the same way that he changed his.He always motivates his listeners to challenge themselves and to set their bar high. He further says that if we are not trying hard, there will be someone who will come and take our share. We can’t just sit and wait for our opportunity; we have to make one for ourselves. He also says that he has never once in his entire life feared anything. He was never afraid of failure; he took risks and did his best to make it right. He calls the new generation “snowflakes”. We are afraid to take risks, we are afraid to take challenges, and we don’t give our 100%. We have to try our best every day to achieve what we dream of.

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