Custom Patch Design Ideas


Are you looking to get a custom patch made for your business?

Maybe you and your fellow employees are trying to brainstorm some fun designs to sell on your website or at comic cons. Maybe you’re looking for something professional, like military or police patches.

Read on to learn how you can spark your imagination using these custom patch design ideas!

Simple and Bold

Simple and bold custom patch design ideas are perfect for fashion statements and making a strong statement. Bold colors, simple shapes, and just a few decorative accents can all work together to create a beautiful and stylish yet simple patch.

Bold shapes, like geometric designs, give a strong sense of identity, while simple detailing and accents can take the statement of a patch to another level. For a patch to really stand out, incorporate interesting textures and materials such as leather, glitter, and velvet. 

Contrasting Colors

Using colors that are opposites on the color wheel provides an interesting visual aesthetic. Warmer colors can create a bold impact when combined with cooler colors, while softer shades can provide a subtle yet striking contrast.

The colors in the contrasting patch design can be chosen to evoke a certain emotion, such as calm or excitement. Layering colors in different shapes create dimension and increases the patch’s visual effect.

Vintage Vibes

When thinking about Custom Patch Designs with Vintage Vibes, there are so many interesting possibilities! Try incorporating the nostalgic shapes, emblems, and energy of vintage aesthetics like period fashion, old-school music, classic literature, or historical events.

Create a patch that looks like it was plucked right out of the past or focuses on something you find special within the vintage culture. Accentuate the mind’s eye to all the possibilities with the use of different fabrics, colors, and textures. 

Incorporating Symbols and Motifs

Custom patch design ideas incorporating symbols and motifs can be used to create a unique and attractive piece of art. Integrating symbols and motifs into the design can help draw attention to them and incorporate their meaning into the design.

Many of these symbols and motifs could represent an organization and should be tailored to that purpose. For instance, if the organization is a fraternity or sorority, using Greek letters as symbols and laurel wreaths as a motif can help to give the patch an even more distinct look. 

Level Up Your Patches

Depending on the type of embroidered patches that you are using, the design options that you have available can range from subtle to bold. By evaluating the patch’s purpose and how it will be used, you can come up with creative patch ideas to make the design stand out.

Small changes, such as adding a border of a different color or texture, or adding intricate designs to the patch’s backing, can give your patch the perfect finishing touch. If you have a complex concept in mind, use artistic software to create a unique design for your patch. Consider custom morale patches as part of your options.

Explore These Custom Patch Design Ideas

Custom patch design ideas are limitless! Don’t be afraid to explore different concepts and create something unique to your brand. Source a reliable patch partner to help bring your vision to life. 

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