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Net worth

Alexander Shunnarah’s net worth is $150 million. Mainly his earnings are from his profession as a personal injury lawyer. His business has grown immensely in the last few years with the help of his team. In his interviews he has said that his team has been working hard to make his dream come true. It is not easy in any professional job to improvise  their earnings since they have a limited salary based income but Alexander with his presence of mind and marketing strategy has achieved this success he is one of the most successful personal injury lawyers in the entire world at present. People in Alabama regarded him as a celebrity.

Bio, Birth, Height, Weight

The famous personal injury attorney is popularly known as Alexander Shunnarah. Alexander Shunnarah was born on 21st October in 1966 in Birmingham, England. At present Alexander is 56 years old. By profession he is a famous personal injury lawyer. He is also the president and founder of Alexander Shunnarah injury lawyers. His team is active in various places which include Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Georgia. Alexander has a British nationality. He has a light complexion. Also his Eyes and hair colour is brown.He has an attractive physique of about 181 cm. His body count is 163 pounds.The celebrity lawyer is currently married with three children.

Early Life

Alexander Shunnarah’s parents were from Birmingham. He was also born and spent his childhood there. He had done his schooling from  John Carroll Catholic High School. He was always a smart and serious student. After completing his junior studies he attended  Samford University. But his journey there didn’t last long. Soon he moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There he completed his senior studies in 1991. He completed his graduation in political science and sociology with a BS. After acquiring a political science and sociology degree he pursued a law degree. In 1995 from Birmingham School of law he got a degree in law. Alexander also started practicing law there in Birmingham after his degree. Soon in 2001 he founded his personal law firm.


Alexander’s company started growing by and by since 2001. He formed his company headquarter in 2014 in ktBirmingham. His services at that time coved North Alabama. As his name got spread among the residents of Alabama he decided to elaborate his work to other areas too.  In 2014 in the month of January he established Alexander Shunnarah and associates which elaborated its services in many other areas such as Florida and Mississippi coastal areas. By that time he collected great appreciation from its clients and his followers. He started getting more offers or clients. Soon he became recognised as a celebrity attorney. Along with his works his advertising strategy in social media and television worked like fuel in fire. As his reach grew more and more and he decided to reach for more opportunities. In  2016 Alexander Shunnarah set up an additional firms headquarters. It was again situated in Birmingham. He decided to enlarge his team and hence he hired 60 new lawyers in his team. With his New team he started his journey towards more success.

Sara Williams, Alexander’s managing lawyer. Alexander relies on Sara completely; he says that she is the pillar which gives strength to his business. Without her it would be very difficult for their entire team to manage such a huge operation. Sara William along with their entire attorney team equally responsible for the success that Alexander Shunnarah enjoys today.


Alexander Shunnarah got criticized or made fun of by the people for excessive advertisement. This might be one of his strategies towards finding more targeted clients. But due to enomerius advertising in Billboard and other media platforms he got backlashes too. It’s also true that Alexander spent a huge amount of his profit on advertising. His expenditure on marketing and advertising has always been a curiosity of his followers. In one office interview he has said that he spends about 1 million dollars in advertising. His team has a budget of 18 million dollars a year in marketing and publicity. He further said that he likes it when people recognise him and try to take selfies with him. He said that he likes spending time with people as it makes him feel important and worthy. The national trial magazine identified him as “the master of marketing.”

When it comes to marketing services there is no competition for Alexander Shunnarah. He used more than 2000 Billboard and a huge number of commercials to spread his slogan” Let me be your attorney.” Whether people like it or not his advertising strategy plays an inevitable role in forming his success.


Alexander Shunnarah is married. He married his current wife Lorena Shunnarah. They have been married since 2006. They have three more members in their family. Their three daughters namely Alexandra, Olivia & Natalia. There is not more information about his wife and his children but as per the photographs and their social media presence it has been predicted that they are living Lavish life with expensive houses and cars. Alexandra’s wife Lorena is a beautiful woman with a fair complexion and brown hair colour. They look happy with their three children. The personal facts about the children are unknown, and yet it can be predicted that they have been receiving quality education from a reputed institution and have been working hard for their future just like their Father.

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