7 Construction Challenges That Can Be Solved With Optioneering 

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The intricate nature of construction means project managers have to face different sets of challenges throughout the course of a construction project. 

However, advances in technology have now made life easier, moving construction projects in the right direction from the onset. This has translated to shorter project completion times and reduced costs.

When it comes to solving the problems that emerge during the course of a construction project, optioneering software like presents different options to project managers for damage control and recovery. Project managers can then decide the best course of action to take to reduce risk and speed up completion times. 

Let’s have a look at some of the construction challenges that optioneering can solve.

Keeping the costs in check

Construction projects can be expensive, so it’s important to ensure that it’s completed within budget. Optioneering can help with finding the most cost-effective solutions to problems and identifying potential cost savings.

Optioneering software provides you with a set of calculated options for optimal results. It can help with, for example, deciding on the most efficient and low-cost design, or dealing with change orders that normally incur extra costs.

These platforms can also help you with things like choosing the best materials for your projects. For instance, it may help you decide between concrete slabs or bricks, depending on which is cheaper and more suited for a given project. 

Potential project delays

Construction projects often have tight deadlines, so it’s vital to ensure that the project is completed on time. However, delays can happen due to several reasons, a few of which cannot be controlled.

Using optioneering software can significantly reduce project completion times through the identification of efficient solutions, which allows the project to be completed on time. These platforms provide project managers with several options for swift implementation, resulting in shorter delivery times.

Optioneering in general helps with increasing efficiency in the execution of tasks. 

For example, say a project manager is planning to use 3 cranes and 70 workers to complete a project. As it turns out, they could be optimizing their resources better. An optioneering platform may suggest using instead 5 cranes and 35 workers to complete the task. This might mean additional costs to get the extra cranes, but the project will be completed faster, resulting in reduced costs overall.

Safety issues

It’s no secret that construction projects are dangerous. Optioneering can help identify the safest possible solution to a problem, allowing projects to be completed with better regard for safety. It can also help with identifying potential safety improvements, such as the implementation of more comprehensive safety protocols. Mainataining heavy machinery properly is very important for safety purpose. If you need replacement parts like sv98 t39s, you can order them online.


Another challenge that can be solved by optioneering is sustainability. Construction projects contribute to a great amount of carbon emissions. Optioneering can improve environmental-friendliness by showing what sustainability improvements can be made, whether that’s using renewable energy sources or implementing green building practices.

Proper resource allocation

Project managers have resources in the form of labor, equipment, and materials. Optioneering software makes resource allocation and optimizing resources more efficient. Especially for bigger and more complex projects, proper allocation is incredibly important, and optioneering helps in this regard immensely.

Underutilization and overutilization of resources, after all, can impact profit margins. Underutilization translates to reduced productivity and diminished profit, while overutilization stalls progress due to labor and equipment fatigue. 

Optioneering ensures adequate allocation, resulting in optimal performance. 

Maintenance schedule development

Maintenance schedules encompass, as you may be able to guess, a program of maintenance activities. Different factors have to be considered when developing a schedule. The question of cost and the best time to carry out maintenance tasks are important components during schedule development.

Optioneering software can help with allocating labor and equipment to accomplish maintenance tasks at lower costs. It can suggest the best times to carry out activities according to the nature of the project. For example, maintenance for infrastructure like roads is best done when there’s minimal traffic—the software platform will take low traffic times into consideration when forming a schedule.

Reduce risks

Optioneering software can give project managers options and roadmaps in case there’s a present risk. 

For risks like project delays, the software may suggest ways to make implementation improvements and meet deadlines. For example, it might suggest hiring more workers, or ordering more equipment. 

For risks like cost overruns, the software can suggest design alterations to keep expenses on track. 

Optioneering is a valuable tool for all construction project types

As outlined in this article, optioneering can help to identify and solve a variety of challenges. By analyzing available options and selecting the most suitable one, optioneering can ensure the project is completed within budget, on time, safely, to a high standard, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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