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Party time: 5 elements of the perfect Sydney wedding

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Sydney and weddings are a dream couple. Our beautiful city is one that has an atmosphere of love and joy, making it the perfect place for couples to throw the ultimate party of loving matrimony! What’s more, with so many beautiful beaches, buildings, parks and vistas, it creates the perfect backdrop to this most important occasion.

But what are the five elements of the perfect Sydney wedding? What do they need to truly enhance the special feeling of fun and frivolity that are vital for this most important of occasions?

Let’s check it out below:

⦁ Top class wedding transport

Because who wants to show up to their special day in their dad’s old ride? That’s not how it goes! Arriving to your special day is supposed to be a grand statement, and so you need the best wedding car hire Sydney has! You know what we mean: the stretch Hummer limo, otherwise known as the ultimate in special day transport.

With premium features like guaranteed pickup times, uniformed chauffeurs, gown and train-protection, red carpet, champagne, chocolates and more, you can see how this form of transport can’t be rivalled when it comes to big day class and elegance!

⦁ The perfect shoot

After all, it’s Sydney! It’s beautiful! You are incredibly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect photo shoot location. From Australia’s best city beaches to the wonder of the Blue Mountains on the other side of town, not to mention those endless harbour views, professional photographers are blessed to have a backdrop that always creates an amazing result.

Whether it’s somewhere special to your love or somewhere that’s going to create the ultimate backdrop for this wonderful keepsake, this city is one that is replete with gorgeous places to make that happen!

⦁ A gorgeous reception centre

Whether it’s the rustic charm of a loved-one’s garden or a glitzy Sydney reception centre, every post-union party has to be thrown in a venue that truly represents the love and fun that the evening is sure to provide. These parties are some of the most special ones you can attend, of course, and so they should always be held in a location that amplifies the spirit of the occasion!

⦁ Top quality food & drink

Because you can be certain that at least a few of your guests will go home complaining if the food and drink isn’t up to scratch. That’s why it is always best to entrust the food and drinks with a first class catering company, one who has provided the delights for many a special day. What’s more, we all know how important it is for guests to line their stomachs with something delicious before the real party vibe kicks in and the bar gets raided – there’ll be some pretty sore heads the day after without top quality food to enjoy first!

⦁ Awesome entertainment

Because everyone is here to celebrate your loving union, and so you know you aren’t throwing this party without some legendary vibe-bringers playing some classic hits or contemporary bangers. People love hitting the floor at weddings, and, to be fair, this party isn’t really complete without the guests’ ability to get down with a boogie and have a ripping good time throughout the night, so top class entertainment is a must at this momentous occasion.

Be sure to include these five essentials for your big day – they will bring the vibe and the party in the most special of ways!

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