4 Steps to Getting Trained and Certified as a Yoga Instructor

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If you’re looking for a career path that’s going to give you the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money, yet simultaneously, lead a balanced life, and help others accomplish the same, then becoming a yoga instructor might just be your call.

Generally speaking, this is a very rewarding profession, but it’s up to you to decide which steps you’re going to take in order to become a yoga instructor. Today, we’ll uncover a couple of ways that will guide you on this journey. So let’s check them out together!

Check Out Training Centers That Offer These Sorts Of Training

These days, you can stumble upon different training centers that provide both online, and on-site services of this kind. One of the best ones, for the time being, is probably 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, which is loaded with numerous skilled and knowledgeable teachers that will offer you the necessary lessons, practice, and above all, support. All of these are essential for anyone who is ready to embark on this journey and gain the necessary skills, and knowledge.

Don’t Forget To Get Registered

Having the registered yoga teacher certification should be considered a must if you want to be perceived as someone professional because it showcases that you have met all the necessary standards of yoga training that are fortified by the Yoga Alliance.

So how to reach this stage? For starters, as mentioned above, it would be advisable to complete the 200-hour level registered yoga school training, and once that’s over, your next step is to set aside $50 for an application fee, along with the $65 annual dues.

Furthermore, if you would like to take your certification to the next level, (meaning to upgrade it to RPYT, and RCYT), then you’ll have to spend an extra $50 for an application fee.

It Wouldn’t Hurt To Have Some Yoga Practice

No matter how much you’re passionate about choosing this career path before you take any lessons, it would be advisable to first have some yoga practice where you’ll get yourself familiar with (at least) the basics.

Why is this so crucial? Well, that’s because you simply need to have some basic knowledge when it comes to this, as well as a particular level of body awareness if you want to do this the right way.

If you’ve never done yoga before, or your experience related to it is pretty poor, then there’s no guarantee that you’ll understand all that’s pivotal during these lessons, and more importantly, you could potentially hurt yourself, which definitely isn’t something that you would want, right?

What Type Of Teacher You Want To Be?

In case you didn’t know, there are several sorts of teachers as far as yoga is concerned. There are those who want to hold their classes in certain locations, or you can be the one who’ll cater to the particular needs of others. 

Yoga instructors have become extremely popular over the past couple of years, for a variety of different reasons. If you would like to become one as well, and at the same time, enhance the lives of many people, then be sure to follow the tips that we mentioned today.

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