3 Symptoms of Dry Eye and Treatment Options


You may feel like something’s in your eye. Or maybe you see a watery reflection on the computer screen in front of you. 

You may have symptoms of dry eye. But don’t worry, you’re not suffering alone. Fortunately, these eye conditions are an easy condition to manage. 

With proper treatment, it can disappear so that you can see again clearly. To get your eyes feeling their best as soon as possible, it is best to understand the common signs to avoid complications.

Let’s get into it!

1. Feeling a Gritty or Scratchy Sensation

Feeling a gritty or scratchy sensation is one of the many symptoms associated with dry eye. Along with the thorny sensation, there may be an increase in eyestrain, sensitivity to light, burning, and redness.

However, treatment options for symptom relief include the following:

  • artificial tears
  • eye drops
  • ointments
  • dietary changes
  • various investigational treatments

For more extreme cases, punctal plugs or a surgical procedure may be the option. The best way to diagnose dry eye is to talk about any symptoms or issues with a doctor or ophthalmologist. They can provide a plan to reduce or eliminate dry eye symptoms.

2. Blurred Vision

A dry eye can cause blurred vision, which is a common symptom of this eye condition. This usually occurs when the tear film that coats the eye is severely depleted or compromised. Also, it does not provide enough moisture and lubrication to the eye surface.

To manage this, blinking regularly, wearing sunglasses when outdoors, and avoiding contact with dry air may be beneficial. If none of these measures are effective, a doctor may give a prescription for a lubricating ointment that can be used at night.

In more severe cases, surgery may be needed to improve the tear system. That’s why it’s important to consult a doctor to determine which treatment option is best for you.

3. Grey Spot Eye Problems

A Grey spot on eye is a common symptom of an eye disorder. They are usually very small and benign and can occur in either or both eyes. The most common symptoms of this eye problem can include:

  • watery eyes
  • blurry vision
  • itching
  • redness

However, other people may experience pain, light sensitivity, and discharge that is either white, yellowish, or clear. Additionally, people may also notice a feeling of a “foreign body” in the eye or a dry, sandy sensation.

If you experience any of these indications, you should contact an eye care specialist for a comprehensive eye exam to check for the presence of this eye issue. They can help diagnose and treat the grey spot eye before it becomes serious.

A Guide to the Usual Symptoms of Dry Eye

A dry eye can cause itching and discomfort and even affect vision. Treatment options can include using artificial tears, using preventative methods, and taking medication.

It should be monitored closely by a doctor as personal cures vary depending on severity. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms of dry eye, contact an eye care specialist to find the right treatment option for you.

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