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Why Do You Need To Buy Wall Protectors

Photo by Jan van der Wolf: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-handrail-next-to-a-wall-11396956/

Wall protectors are a product we typically associate with hospitals, schools and other public facilities But do you actually require it for your home? Many homeowners think Wall protection is an issue of massive crash rails to prevent harm to schools or hospitals. Although this form for wall security is most well-known and popular, it’s not the only one it can be used for. There are in fact many different situations in the home that can reduce the time and expense of repair of walls over the long run. So why do you need to buy wall protectors from authentic sellers like Rootex lets find out. 

Wheel Chair and Pram Users

Homes with pram or wheelchair users are more vulnerable than other homes to having damaged walls, especially in the hallways where prams are usually kept. These prams and wheelchairs typically scratch walls as they pass through gaps that are narrow, making houses look less than perfect. This kind of home is the one that would benefit most by the introduction of wall protectors, especially in hallways. Homeowners who are wheelchair-bound might also have stairlifts. Some kind of wall protection is strongly recommended for staircases in which stairlifts are present since the frequent movement of stairlifts can increase the damage that a wall experiences.

Kids Play Rooms

A room that is often frequented by children is bound to be exposed to wall damage, particularly when there are felt tips! Wall protectors can be placed as paneling in nurseries and play areas. It provides a clean surface that is easy to clean and also protects walls.


People who keep their cars in the garage are aware that it is an arduous task when cars grow larger and more hefty, resulting in more scrapes and bumps. Doors of cars are usually damaged when people attempt to open them within the garage as well as to the car’s bumpers when turning into. Wall protectors in the form of impact-absorbing bump rails could be used to shield both the car as well as the garage.

These are only a few examples of the uses of wall protection within the home. Homeowners will definitely discover a variety of places in their homes where wall protection could be beneficial. Custom-designed protective products are readily available to deal with these scenarios.

Why should you use the Wall Protector?

In the event that you’re in search of solutions to reduce damage for the workplace or at home it is crucial to know the best way to use for any specific environment. It is obvious that the type you will require will likely depend on the type of use of the structure.

A building, for instance, with a lot of pedestrians walking through streets will require a structure which is well-suited for the increased risk of damages that go together with higher volumes of pedestrian traffic.

The usage of wall protectors is becoming more commonplace in the UK and, when considering the financial advantages provided, for instance the reduction of repair costs, it’s easy to understand why their use is increasing.

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