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Who Is @redsteeze On Twitter ? Stephen L. Miller: Net Worth, Career, Education, Relationship, Socail Media

Stephen L. Miller

Who is Stephen L. Miller? 

Stephen L. Miller, alias Redsteeze on Twitter is mostly known for his sharp wit and biting insights into modern politics and culture, is a media personality who has made a name for himself as an independent commentator. He is highly critical of issues around politics and culture in America’s social space.

He is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business. He has been published in the national review, the Spectator, the New York Post, and Washington Examiner magazines, where he has written about American Politics. He is also the co-host of Versus Media Podcast, an observational daily podcast he founded to talk about media bias, and the cultural intersection of politics and technology. 

He has waged several successful campaigns against censorship, with his work being lauded by both sides of the political spectrum. 

While he has been an anti-Trump blogger for conservative publications, Stephen has often been confused for the former US President’s high-profile Advisor and keynote speaker Stephen Miller.

Net Worth

Stephen has been in the public eye for quite some time now, but less of his personal life has been captured, including his net worth, which is not publicly available. 

It’s clear he has garnered some riches outside his career due to the attention, especially during the Trump era, where he gained more publicity, but we don’t have an exact figure concerning his net worth. 

Family, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight 

Although he has gained popularity on Twitter, little has been shared about his social life and the person he is beyond Twitter and his career. 

His Early Life

Steve L. Miller comes from the Midwest of Denmark. He spent a part of his life in Los Angelo doing film work shortly before he embarked as a commentator and writer. 

In a previous interview with the BuzzFeed News Podcast, he says he has always had a problem with authority figures which has fueled his criticism. 

He became an active commentator during the 2004 US election and has become a known critic of US politics. 


Stephen L. Miller has worked as a writer and commentator in conservative media. He has written for several publications, including the National Review, The Federalist, and the Daily Caller, among many other news outlets. 

He also hosts Versus Media Podcast and serves as the Spectator editor. He is also known for his readiness to challenge both political sides with his commentary primarily focusing on media bias, free speech, and the intersection of politics and culture. 

Miller is also an active participant of the Anti-trump conservatives, one of America’s intriguing political groups that are always politically free with no political philosophy that runs it. The group discusses interesting facts about American politics. 

He shares frequent posts on his Twitter account regarding interesting topics, which have garnered him nearly half a million ardent followers. He has since expanded his reach by writing for several conservative outlets, including appearing on cable news programs. 

In 2014, he was recognized for his writing works by conservative organizations and publications as a finalist for the Blog of the year award at the CPAC Blogger Awards 2014. 

Some of his work has been featured in the best of the web section of the Wall Street Journal. 

Through his work, he has also focused on holding the media accountable through positive criticism. 

Before focusing on conservative commentary, Stephen worked in various fields, including construction. 


While Miller is a prolific Twitter user and seemingly active on social media, he has maintained a low profile on matters of his personal life. We would want to know his spouse and children and any other information, but that’s all we have. 


His formal education is not widely known; however, he has had several discussions about his education in various interviews and on social media. He says he attended college but did not complete his degree. He studied multimedia and Web Design. 

Social Media

Stephen L. Miller uses the name Redsteeze on his social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

He joined Twitter to push for his design work and share several blogs and political rants. He became active on Twitter. Though his current account says he joined Twitter in 2011, he has been in the social space for quite some time.  

His love for Twitter is drawn from the freedom of speech exercised on the app. You can do anything and be whom you want to be without worrying about the world or shying away from anything, and you can control 100 percent of that environment. 

However, he has been careful about sharing his personal life on social media, and there’s little to no trace of anything. 

He boasts a huge following on Twitter, currently at 423.2k active followers, where he shares his commentary on America’s news of the day and other topics. Although most of his popularity was gained due to being an ant-trump blogger, and at some point, he said he doesn’t know what to post after he leaves office, the trolls have given him a positive impact. He has continued to share tweets about current events and issues of public interest. 

His tweets receive both positive and negative criticism as he tweets on things that easily attract public attention. In 2018, he used to make trolls about former US president Donald Trump’s leadership, bringing much attention to his profile. 

His widespread notice is also linked to the former white house aide Stephen Miller whom most people confuse as President Trump’s adviser. 

Though he is larger on Twitter, he is also active on Instagram. Here he shares his thoughts and opinions on current events through memes and eye-catching graphics. He currently has over 15,000 followers. 

On Facebook, he has a page called Redsteeze. On the page, he shares his thoughts on politics and current events. The page has 4000 likes. 

Additionally, he also has a Gab account. Gab is an alternative social media platform that promotes free speech. He operates on the Redsteeze handle, and the account boosts over 2000 followers. 

He recently received backlash after attending a women-only event at the Wonder Women Screening which brought about some little public scrutiny about his personal life although it remains a mystery. 

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