What is the Best Wound Healing Ointment for Bed Sores?


Bed sores are serious, severe wounds that can happen to anyone who spends a significant amount of time in bed. The majority of people who get bed sores are seniors and other people who are homebound due to illness or injury.

Like with any other wound, bed sores can be more likely to get infected thus leading to hospitalization or even death. Many people are searching for “What is the best wound healing ointment for bed sores?” so they can take the proper steps to prevent or heal bed sores.

We’re sharing our top recommendations below.

Dynarex Vitamins A and D Ointment

Dynarex Vitamins A and D Ointment is a unique type of wound healing ointment designed for bed sores. It contains natural ingredients such as Vitamins A and D, Zinc Oxide, Lanolin, and Mineral oil that nourish and protect the skin. It’s often used in conjunction with other wound therapies.

The thick and creamy formula helps to rehydrate and restore dry skin while boosting its natural healing process. It can also be used to prevent infection in an already existing wound. It also helps to lock in moisture, soothe skin irritation, and provide a protective barrier to keep other contaminants out.

Dynarex Vitamins A and D Ointment is an ideal choice for those with bed sores or other chronic wounds. It’s safe and gentle on the skin and helps the healing process in a natural and effective way.

Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic

It is an effective ointment for the wound healing of Bed Sores. This ointment contains the active ingredients Bacitracin zinc, Polymyxin B sulfate, and Neomycin, which all aid in the healing of Bed Sores. Neosporin is quite effective in killing any bacteria present in the wound, which helps to clear the wound and promote healing.

The ointment forms a protective barrier over the wound which helps to keep the wound clean and also assists in healing. This is very cost-effective and easy to use due to its applicator cap. Its antiseptic action ensures that the wound is free from bacteria and viruses.

Which can help to speed up the healing process. Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic is a great ointment to help reduce the symptoms and promote the healing of Bed Sores.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Moisturizer

It is a uniquely formulated lotion with vitamin B3 to help better nourish the skin. It has a rapid restoring action that helps to lock in moisture so that your skin will feel deeply hydrated and soft. This kind of moisturizer also helps to form a protective barrier over the wound against irritants.

It is a non-greasy and non-irritating product that has been clinically proven to reduce skin dryness. It spreads easily and has a pleasant scent that will help make wound healing more tolerable. With the help of this product, you can fight off infection and heal quickly from bed sores.

Perrigo Bacitracin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment Cream

It is a thick, white ointment containing bacitracin zinc, an antibiotic, in a petroleum-based base. The cream helps to keep wounds clean, reduce the risk of infection, and soothe the skin. It works by killing bacteria.

It creates a barrier that prevents further infection and provides a moist environment that helps wounds heal and prevents scarring. And it is fast-acting and aids in quicker wound healing. Furthermore, the cream is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin or bed sores.

It is also easily accessible, affordable, and easy to use. This makes Perrigo Bacitracin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment Cream an ideal wound-healing ointment for bed sores.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Jar

It is an effective lubricant and emollient that helps reduce friction, which can reduce the risk of bed sores. It helps to keep the skin moist, which can reduce irritation and improve comfort while the bedsore heals. It also acts as a protective layer that helps prevent bacteria and other debris from getting into the wound.

It can also help soothe the pain associated with a bed sore. It is easy to apply and remove, making it convenient to keep a tube on hand whenever needed. Thanks to its amazing ability to reduce friction and keep wounds moist, the Vaseline petroleum jelly jar is the best choice for treating bed sores.

Cadexomer-Iodine Paste

The paste is designed to absorb exudate and form an occlusive covering on the bed sore. It is a concentrated adhesive paste that contains cadexomer, a starch-based binder, and iodine for enhanced antibacterial properties. This helps to protect the wound from bacteria, reduce pain, and promote healing.

The paste also helps reduce swelling and itching associated with the bed sore. The paste is easy to apply and generally gets good absorption results. It must be applied several times daily to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Collagenase-Containing Ointment

This is designed for topical use and is intended to treat skin infections such as bed sores. It has two main active ingredients, both of which have antibacterial properties. Silver ions help to reduce the risk of wound contamination while sulfadiazine can reduce the amount of bacteria present and its ability to cause infection.

It can reduce pain, promote healing, reduce scarring, and restore the skin’s natural barrier. When applied it creates a thin coating of medication on the affected area and acts as a barrier to help protect the wound from further infection. It is safe and effective and can be used on children and adults who are suffering from bed sores to help reduce the healing time and keep the sores from getting worse.

It is widely available and can be found both over the counter and with a prescription. For more information about the best wound healing ointment for bed sores, please see more here.

Exploring What Is the Best Wound Healing Ointment for Bed Sores

In conclusion, the best wound healing ointment for bed sores will depend on the individual’s individual needs and abilities. We recommend speaking with a doctor or healthcare provider for the most up-to-date and relevant information specific to your unique situation. Try your best to make sure your healing ointment is specifically designed to heal and protect these sores.

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