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Staging a Home to Sell: Common Mistakes to Avoid


Is the house you’ve lovingly lived in for years finally getting the hint that you want to move on? You might have been trying to sell it for a while, but now you’ve changed tack and are staging a home to sell.

This is a great idea, but it’s also a wildly confusing one. You’re no longer selling the physical home as it is but making the home-within-the-home more appealing to potential buyers lurking on the internet.

Keep reading to find out.

Angling Furniture

Though it might seem natural to angle furniture, such as a couch away from the wall, to open up the room, it, in fact, can close off a space and make it appear much smaller than it actually is.

Additionally, angling large pieces of furniture, such as couches and armchairs, can be overwhelming and visually off-putting in a space that is designed to be a potential buyer’s dream home. 

Skimping on Natural Light

When staging a home for sale, the number one mistake to avoid is skimping on natural light. Natural light can open up a room and make it feel brighter and bigger to prospective buyers. Without natural light, the room can feel dingy and small.

To ensure that your home receives the maximum natural lighting, consider doing things such as decluttering and repositioning furniture away from windows to allow more natural light in, cleaning windows and frames, as well as swapping out any heavy curtains or blinds for lighter fabric or more sheer material. 

Forgetting Your Buyer

When staging a home to sell, it is important to keep the buyer in mind. This can cause the buyer to become frustrated with a lack of information and a lack of understanding of what the home has to offer.

It is important to give the buyer easy access to see the features of the house and to take tours of the interior. Also, be transparent and upfront with information, and don’t forget to highlight the positives of the home. 

Forgetting Your Yard

When sell my house fast austin texas, the yard is one of the most important aspects of staging the home since potential buyers will be looking to have a space to entertain or just enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, forgetting to stage the backyard when selling a home can be a common mistake.

It’s important to declutter and organize in order to emphasize the beauty and potential of the yard. Ensure that outdoor furniture and decorations are placed in an attractive way that will draw the buyer’s eye and maybe even a pop of color or two. 

Relying on Trends

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the trendiest home décor and staging items will make you sell house fast online. However, this is generally a trend-dependent mistake; buyers’ preferences, styles, and tastes change quickly, and what’s in vogue today can end up falling flat tomorrow.

Avoid investing in trendy décor items or furniture, as these may not be attractive to a wide range of potential buyers. Instead, focus on the classic touches that appeal to everyone, such as fresh paint, superior lighting, and minimal clutter. 

Read More About Staging a Home to Sell

Staging a home to sell is an important step in the home-selling process. To ensure the best results, avoid common mistakes like using generic furniture and overcrowding the space. For more information, read up on staging a home to sell and maximize your sale. 

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