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Small Backyard, Big Love: 5 Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding


The wedding of your dreams awaits.

But where to start with planning and budgeting for a smaller wedding? This can feel overwhelming, or it’s quite simple, depending on what your needs are.

Smaller weddings tend to involve fewer people and less money spent on gifts. Plus, there’s more face-to-face interaction, one of the greatest joys of any wedding.

Here are five tips for a memorable, small backyard wedding ceremony. Start planning your tiny celebration now.

Choose a Lawn With a Lot of Character

Look for qualities that make it unique among other yards, such as a lovely tree canopy or a serene pond. Find ways to include these elements in the ceremony and reception themes. Placing the altar in the shade of a tree will lend beauty, energy, and meaning to the wedding.

People may want to take a break or wash, so don’t forget to include these restroom trailer rentals in your ideal venue. There are restrooms that are suitable for a lawn type of venue.

Limit the Number of Guests

You may not want to invite every relative and long-lost friend, but instead, focus on those that mean the most to you and your partner. Choose friends and family that you want to be part of your special day and form a connection with.

This should include the foundation of a small guest list. Avoid adding anyone to the list that you don’t want to upset your special day. Be considerate and focus on only those who are important to you. 

Focus on the Details

When planning an intimate, casual backyard wedding, it’s important to focus on the details. Start by selecting a theme that reflects your love story. Your theme should be present in everything from the décor to wedding stationery, and even the menu.

If your event will be an outdoor wedding, aim to create an atmosphere of romance and luxury by utilizing the natural surroundings. Focus on the details to create an intimate atmosphere and a wedding your guests won’t soon forget.

Choose a Small and Simple Menu

Choosing a simple menu can help save stress and time. Create a cozy atmosphere by having a simple buffet-style serving for your guests. Depending on the size of the wedding, many catering options are available that offer light fare that is still enjoyable and satisfying.

By cutting down on the menu items, you can avoid any overeating or waste and focus on more meaningful wedding moments. Your guests are sure to appreciate the simple, but delicious food choices.

Set up a Station for Photo Booths

Creating a photo booth station is an ideal way to add fun and an extra layer of substance to your intimate wedding. This could include a white backdrop, a couple of blocks of color to add interest, and a few props.

Arrange these items in your backyard wedding decor to create an entertaining backdrop for guests to take pictures in. Finally, ensure the station is well-lit and set up wherever guests are likely to gather.

Plan Your Small Backyard Wedding Now

By choosing a lawn with a lot of character, limiting the number of guests, and focusing on the details. Also, by choosing a small and simple menu and setting up a station for photo booths, you can make your dreams of a beautiful small backyard wedding a reality.

Start making your plans today and begin creating the memories of a lifetime.

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