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melanie leis

Melanie Leis is the ex-wife of popular actress Kelly McGillis. They met at a restaurant in 2010. The relationship didn’t last long. Melanie Leis is working as a sales executive. She has also practiced theater. Leis’s relationship with Kelly McGillis was quite the talk of the town in 20s. The lesbian couple had been together since 2000 and decided to get married in 2010, but due to certain circumstances, the marriage didn’t last long. Keep on reading to know more about Melanie Leis and her ex-wife, Kelly McGillis and their unfinished relationship.

Bio,Birth, Height,Weight

Melanie Leis birth took place in the USA in 1967. As per the sources, the woman is 54 years old at present. Her zodiac sign is cancer. She is a beautiful and healthy woman. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and her body count is 56 kilos. Her breast size is 32b and she wears a shoe size of 6.5 UK. Leis is a fair-looking woman. Her hair and eye colour is black. At present, she is residing with her parents in Philadelphia,USA.

Early Life

Melanie Leis has worked as a bartender in a restaurant in Florida which was owned by her ex-partner and her husband, Kelly McGillis and Fred Tillman. Before coming into the corporate world, she used to do the theatres, as she had an interest in music. She used to pursue music and play different instruments. Melanie and her ex-wife, Kelly both were alcoholic and drug addicts. Melanie Leis had to take the help of rehabilitation to leave her addiction.


Melanie Leis was married to Kelly Ann McGillis in 2010. They had known each other since 2000. They met at a restaurant when Melina was working there as a bartender. Kelly had been in a relationship with Melanie Leis since her divorce with her first husband, Fred Tillman. Kelly McGillis was born in 1957 on July 9th. Her birthplace is in Los Angeles, California, United States. At present, the actress is 64 years old. Her parents’ names are Donald Manson McGillis and Vargina John McGillis. Kelly is a very famous American actress who has gained popularity for her films like witness, top gun,  the accused, cat chaser, an uncommon grace, the monkey’s masks, made in heaven and many others. Kelly got extreme popularity after her successful movie “top gun” which was released in 1986, where she acted opposite Tom Cruise. Later, she did many popular films and gained love from the viewers for her different characters. Kelly’s first marriage was with Fred Tillman; they got married in 1989. Kelly and Fred had two children together, namely Sonora Tillman and Kelsey Tillman. Her first marriage didn’t last long and they got divorced in 2002. Kelly had been in a relationship with Melanie before her divorce with Fred Tillman, that was in 2000. They met at a restaurant where Melanie was working as a bartender. The two ladies suddenly became attracted to each other and decided to pursue their relationship. After their long-lasting relationship for almost a decade, the lesbian couple finally decided to get married, but their marriage didn’t last more than a year. In 2011, the couple decided to put a full stop in their relationship. After Kelly McGillis’s divorce, neither she married again nor Melanie.  The extremely talented actress who was once ruling the Hollywood industry has left it for good and has been living with her two children in New York, where she gives classes to budding actors.


Melanie Leis has never revealed much about her private life, as she is quite private about her past. Since there is no clear information about her birth place, it has been assumed that she has done her schooling from a local institution, but there is confirmed information that Melanie Leis has graduated from Berklee College of Music. Furthermore, Melanie also has a degree in hotel and restaurant management from Newberry College.


Melanie Leis works as a regional sales executive at independent communications. She also works with the international ticketing associations. As a graduate with a music degree, She pursues music too. Melanie also practices a few instruments, such as piano and drums. Melanie Leis also used to do theatre and has her own identity in the theatre world. In her early 20s, Melanie worked as a retail manager, later in 2004. She had also been a district sales manager. Leis also tested her intelligence at Sovereign Bank, where she worked until 2009.After leaving her work at Sovereign Bank, Melanie again joined as a district sales manager for wireless mobile. In 2010, Melanie Leis again pursued her career in retail business development as she became a corporate expert. She had been trying her hands in different fields with different corporations such as society of grownups, Vendini, PD corporations and Tappit. At present, she is single and enjoying her life with her parents in Philadelphia, USA. Melanie Leis is a proper businesswoman and has been trying her best in the corporate industry. After surviving drug addiction and changing her life with rehabilitation, she has been enjoying her life to the fullest. Leis is not an internet person. She posts very minimally on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She keeps on posting now and then about her life. From her post, one can predict that Melanie Leis has been enjoying a healthy and wealthy life with her parents, away from any scandal or any relationship. She also has a hobby of shopping and going to the cinema. Melanie loves Italian cuisine and also practices music as it was one of her earliest hobbies.

Net worth

Melanie Leis’ net worth is$600 thousand USD. She has been working in the corporate world for a long time and  enjoying a decent income from her hard work. She also works as a music festival agent.

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