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Margaret McGloin Illness,Grave, Net Worth, Family, Early life, Career, Relationship, Education, Social media

Margaret McGloin is widely recognized as the spouse of the late American television personality and game show host Allen Ludden. In the following paragraphs, you will discover fascinating details about Margaret McGloin, including her biography, husband, and age at the time of her passing, children, and much more.

Margaret McGloin Biography

Margaret Frances Ellsworth, later known as Margaret McGloin, was born on November 27, 1915, in the United States of America. Had she been alive, she would have turned 107 years old on November 27, 2022. Margaret was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, as her birth date falls from November 22 to December 21.

Margaret McGloin spent her formative years in Nueces County, Texas. Her father was Gilbert James McGloin, and the mother was Cyrene Ameta Cook McGloin.

Moreover, Margaret McGloin grew up with four siblings and shared many cherished childhood experiences. As for her ethnicity, Margaret had a mixed background, including Mexican and American roots.

Margaret McGloin’s siblings are Gilbert James McGloin II, Kathleen McGannonMcGloin Homer, John Patrick McGloin, and Barbara Ann McGloin Johnson.

Margaret McGloin Education

Margaret Frances Ellsworth attended elementary and high school in local schools located in Nueces County, Texas. She received her elementary school certification and high school diploma from these institutions. After completing high school, she earned a Bachelor’s degree from a university in Texas.

Margaret McGloin Husband, Kids

Margaret McGloin and Allen Ludden first met while she was working at a local magazine company. They began dating shortly after and eventually tied the knot in the US on October 11, 1943 (United States). During their marriage, they bore three children: David Ludden, Martha Ludden, and Sarah Ludden.

Sadly, Margaret passed away at the age of 43, and the couple’s marriage came to an end. Allen Ludden remarried on June 14, 1963, two years after Margaret’s death.

Margaret McGloin Early Life

Margaret McGloin had a pleasant upbringing within a loving and caring family in Nueces County, Texas, USA. Her father, Gilbert James McGloin, was a financial manager, while her mother, Cyrene Ameta Cook McGloin, was a homemaker. Growing up, Margaret shared many fond memories with her two brothers and two sisters.

Margaret McGloin’s life was relatively private and did not often appear in the media, even with her husband. Therefore, she had no active social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This also explains why there are no publicly available images of Margaret online.

Margaret McGloin Height, Age, Nationality, and Birthday

Margaret McGloin passed away in 1961 at the age of 45. However, had she been alive, she would have celebrated her 107th birthday on November 27, 2022. Additionally, Margaret was five feet and eight inches tall.

Margaret McGloin was an American citizen by birth and had a mixed white ethnic background with roots in America and Mexico. Her eyes were dark brown, and she had short brown hair.

Margaret was a beloved and intelligent daughter who had a delightful childhood with her four siblings.

Margaret McGloin Net worth

Margaret McGloin kept her professional life private; details about her income and career before meeting Allen Ludden are unknown. As a result, no precise figure is available for her net worth. In contrast, her husband had a net worth of over $5 million before passing.

Margaret McGloin Career

Margaret McGloin maintained a private life regarding her career during her active years. However, according to an internet report, she worked at a local magazine company and later met her husband.

Apart from this report, Margaret became well-known for her romantic relationship and marriage to Allen Ludden. But on the other hand, Allen Ludden achieved numerous successes and made a significant impact during his lifetime.

Margaret McGloin Death, Illness and Grave

Margaret McGloin spent eighteen years with her husband and three children, which she considered the most significant period. Sadly, Margaret died on October 30, 1961, due to cancer.

With her husband and three children, Margaret was laid to rest at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, New York.

After his first wife’s death, Allen Ludden remarried actress Betty White two years later. Sadly, Allen passed away due to cancer on June 9, 1981, in his hometown of Los Angeles.

How Did Margaret McGloin Become Famous?

Margaret McGloin was raised in a middle-class family, but she never talked about her family history or their profession. As a result, her name was only well-known once she became known as Allen Ludden’s wife. However, according to some sources, Margaret worked at a local magazine company where she met her future husband.

While Margaret lived a relatively low-key life, her husband, Allen Ludden, achieved great success in the entertainment industry. He was a game show host, talented performer, and television actor. One of his most notable hosting roles was on the popular game show “Password.”

Ludden was a versatile and multi-talented individual who dedicated himself to his craft and achieved great success as a result.

Allen Ludden Career and Death

Allen Ludden earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with Phi Beta Kappa honors in 1940 from the University of Texas and later earned his Master of Arts degree in English in 1941. He worked in the Pacific theater as an officer in charge of entertainment during his time in the United States Army. He received recognition for his excellent service with a Bronze Star Medal.

Ludden was discharged from the Army in 1946 with the rank of captain. He began his career as a youth adviser for teen magazine columns and on the radio during the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 1950, his radio show for teenagers called Mind Your Manners got an honorable mention Peabody Award.

 Ludden was a popular game show host who presented several game shows, such as College Bowl. However, he was mainly known for hosting the daytime and prime-time editions of Password on CBS and ABC from 1961 to 1975.

When introducing himself on the show, Ludden often greeted a particular audience member, Tess White, with “Hi doll.” Tess White was the mother of Ludden’s wife, Betty White, an actress and television personality.

Ludden had stomach cancer in 1980 and left hosting Password Plus for a month for chemotherapy treatment. He slipped into a coma on October 7, 1980, during a vacation in Monterey, California; initially thought to be a stroke but was caused by high calcium levels due to cancer medication. He died on June 9, 1981 aged 63, and was buried beside his father in Graceland Cemetery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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