Can’t Share Your PDF Files Due to Large Size – Here Is the Solution?

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Gone are the days when we had to maintain all the records in paper form. Writing all the data on paper wasn’t a child’s play. Moreover, the chances of data loss were high in this conventional method. Also, searching for particular data from a pile of papers required ample time and effort from an individual. However, the advent of modern technology has given us the freedom to minimize our efforts in performing professional tasks. Now, storing information has become effortless and fast with digital ways. Saving the important data in digital form makes it ever-lasting and easy to manage.

There are plenty of document formats available that people use for storing data on digital devices. However, PDF is one of the most appreciated and liked document formats that are used all around the world. People from almost every field and sector prefer this format for various obvious reasons. For example, the compact size, multisystem support, and professional look make PDF the first choice of millions of people when it comes to storing or sharing information. Moreover, the advanced password protection feature makes this document format highly valuable for everyone.

However, the only problem people often face with PDFs is due to their large size. We all know that PDF files often include a massive amount of textual data, images, different types of fonts, and pictorial data that increase the size of the PDF. Now, sharing large-size pictures using online platforms is a challenging task as most online platforms have set a size limit for uploading files. But, you don’t need to worry as we are going to discuss the simplest way of compressing PDFs in this blog post.

Reduce PDF File Size with Online PDF Compressor

The traditional ways of compressing PDFs require extensive time and struggle from an individual. Still, the chances of getting desired results from these traditional ways were quite low. However, the advent of modern tools has given us a chance to manage this task effectively and reduce PDF size within a matter of seconds. There are tons of online tools available on the web that allows you to compress PDF file in a matter of seconds. You only need to upload the PDF file on an advanced PDF compressor, and that’s all. The tool compresses its size without compromising on the quality. The reduced PDF file can be uploaded or shared easily. Furthermore, the assistance of an advanced online PDF size reducer enables you to reduce PDF sizes without disturbing their quality.

Now, you might have a question in your mind which PDF compressor should we try to reduce PDF size swiftly. Well, you don’t have to look for any PDF tool yourself, as we are going to share a few most useful PDF compressors that you can try without any hassle.You can convert

PDF Compressor by DupliChecker

This is one of the preferable tools that you can try to compress PDF file sizes and convert from excel to pdf. This tool is highly appreciated because of its super-friendly user interface that provides a helping hand to novices to compress their large-sized PDFs easily. Moreover, the tool is free to use and doesn’t demand any installations from its users. All you need to do is upload a PDF file on this tool. The free PDF compressor will perform the rest of the task itself and reduces PDF size without compromising on the quality. You can access this tool by tapping on the link:

Compress PDF with SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is another prestigious platform that provides tons of free tools to its users. The PDF compressor on this website is a remarkable tool that offers fast and reliable compression of PDFs without affecting the quality of the file. This tool has a super-friendly interface that allows beginners to compress PDF files without any ambiguity. Moreover, the advanced algorithms working at the backend of this tool ensure the privacy of your uploaded PDF. You can use this online PDF compressor without purchasing any premium membership.

PDF Compressor by Smallpdf

Individuals who want to compress PDFs without stepping into any intricate procedure may try this online tool. The tool is famous for offering high-quality PDF compression in no time. The easy-to-understand layout makes this tool a perfect option for students, researchers, and instructors. This PDF compressor is also free and doesn’t require any registration to use its services.

Bottom Line  

In the last analysis, reducing the size of PDFs makes them easy to upload and share through online platforms. The information we have stated above would have given you a clear idea about the importance of a free PDF compressor in reducing PDF size. Moreover, the tools we have mentioned in this blog post will be highly useful in compressing PDFs without damaging their formatting and quality.

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